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The Veil was a Son of Panzer who ruled the city-state of Arena during The Panzer Era, before tanks came in and conquered it, pushing him and his regime out. He died near the beginning of The Old Era, never being revived by Panzer because he was unaware of the war The Veil started until nearly ten millennia later. Panzer considered him an unnecessary burden. He was the Boss Tank variant of a dead tank type never formed into a weapon by the Tank Empire that followed pushing him out of Arena. The tank based on him was nicknamed the X-Hunter.


The Veil was given control of a weak city-state on the eastern outskirts of the realm known as Arena, and ruled it with an iron fist. He was considered the weakest and stupidest of the Sons by the general tank population at the time. This all occurred during the early part of The Panzer Era.

When The Old Era began, hordes of escaped tank slaves ran in and brought siege to the city, conquering it and throwing The Veil out for a couple years, before he returned with a massive army gathered by his neighboring brothers. The Tank Empire held out for nearly one-thousand years of on-and-off war, before the final battle at the heart of Arena, where The Veil was shot down and killed. Panzer might have revived The Veil had he known this war had even happened. That might have prevented Panzer's downfall. He was not entirely against Tanks coming together as a power, but would have definitely helped The Veil in the war they were fighting and that would have ended the Tank Empire right there, never allowing them to eventually muster the ritualists to seal him away.

Much time later, Panzer found out about the death of his son. He chose not to revive him because of his general stupidity and lack of cooperation. So... he never came back, and tanks never developed a Level 45 weapon based after him.

Ghost of The Veil

The Ghost of The Veil is a special Son of Panzer that has a chance to replace a regular Son of Panzer spawn in Fortresses during a Month of Panzer. It is like The Judicator in replacement regard, but this one is only accessible during said events.


The Veil looks almost transparent and white-tinted. The body is that of a Smasher but the hexagon does not rotate. From the back sides of the body sprout ghastly wings similar to the Winged Hussar. The barrel is a lot longer and thinner, and made up of four layers stacked like a Hunter, with the last layer instead being two Gunner barrels instead of one barrel like the others. On his back is a Machine Gun that pushes him forward while firing. The Veil is about the size of The Wolf in totality.


  • Recon: Vanishes in a wisp of white smoke with a whoosh sound effect, and teleports off screen of all players while remaining in the Fortress. He will then begin firing rounds while slowly getting closer again.
  • Haunt: Will quickly spin, vanish, reappear, and fire without moving. Does this four to six times in quick succession over the course of eight to twelve seconds, aiming down the same player. Shots inflict Confused for 2 seconds.
  • Takeoff: The Machine Gun will flash and gleam with a shine from left to right, and then he will rocket rapidly in the direction of a player with a random spray of randomly sized bullets of randomly moving speeds behind him. If he cannot turn around in time, he will hit a wall and suffer 400 damage, teleporting to another area in the Fortress with a white wisp of smoke.
  • Flaunt: His top two layered barrels will retract, and the barrel will widen. For the next few seconds, he will aim at players while backing away slowly, firing wide ovular shots that have incredible knockback to those hit. After the ability ends, his barrel will thin once more and the top two layers will return.
  • Curse: The ghostly transparency will become black and fog-like as he begins releasing one very large bullet at a time. These black bullets fire small Gunner bullets out randomly in random directions, every one-tenth of a second. Overall, all shots inflict Slowed during this ability. When it ends, he will return to normal state.
  • Break: A player will be marked with a target, followed by The Veil rapidly charging to that spot. If the player dodges in time, he will reach the marker then teleport away. If he connects, the player and him will travel far back and the player will be Broken, not suffering major damage otherwise.
  • Prowl: Will go invisible, and then appear in another spot a few seconds later. His position while invisible can be marked by a trail of white tiles that inflict Slowed and Stunned for 4 seconds. These tiles vanish after 3 seconds. When The Veil reappears, a ring of sixteen large bullets will be fired outward as he himself fires a large red bullet. After about half a second, this large red shot will explode into a number of four-shot rounds (like his barrel would fire) in the direction of every player in the Fortress. This means the large bullet will be more or less dangerous depending on the number of players.
  • Fade: When killed, fades away into a pool of white tiles that spreads as his death animation plays. There is a 33% chance that The Veil will revive with 25% health as the pool retracts into his form. Every time The Veil dies, this chance drops 11%, making him never revive more than four times. Walking in the pool formed will inflict Slowed and Stunned like the ones during Prowl.


  • Only listed unfightable Son of Panzer.
    • However, as of April 10th, during an in-game 'Month of Panzer' event, his ghost is added to the Fortress spawn pool.
  • Despite the top layer of his barrel being two Gunner ones, his attack is still four regular bullets. Its purely aesthetic. The bullets all fire between the two Gunner ones, for pure aesthetic flavoring.
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