Tale of Diep (ToD) is no longer under active development as a derivative of and remains here as an archive, though spin-offs such as The Extended Tale of Diep remain active. For info on the successor to Tale of Diep, now an independent work called "A Tale Where Nothing Matters", visit its Discord server here.

The sub-realm we locked away our worst fear in was too unstable for far too long. The Chamber, which was created out of magic to encase The Void, was set atop the Tower of Gladii, a giant bulging and retracting mass of blackness that would conceal and imprison the instability of the seams that connected the main realm to the one we locked Panzer away in... Looking at it would drive a man mad...

No one has been able to breach The Chamber since its construction. It was, after all, the whole goal of the Archprophet to do so. And we know he had succeeded to do it, these last few weeks. Those brave enough to enter The Chamber from atop the dead hand Sanctum of the Tower of Gladii... you may answer to your calling now...

Enter The Chamber, break through the walls of The Void, and stop Panzer from manifesting himself into a solid entity that can once again pull strings on our Realm...

Just know that no matter the outcome, that in a time of darkness and hate... swords must swing and blood must bleed...


The Void is the final task that can be completed in The Tale of Diep. Only accessible through very special means at the end of the run of the Tower of Gladii, The Void contains the unstable sub-realm that Panzer was sealed away in millennia ago. It is entered through a massive black hole in the wall pooling with red mist and red light along the floor tiles, that spawns at the top of the Sanctum, where the Archprophet is fought. However, The Void cannot always be entered after a completion of the Tower of Gladii. It too, like the Seven Steps of the Sanctum required to enter the Tower, has its own requirements. The end boss is the Avatar of Panzer the end-all boss of The Tale of Diep, and the final force to usurp unto.

You will know The Void has spawned after of the Tower of Gladii, by watching the Archprophet's death animation. If he explodes in a flash of white light with a surprised look on his face as usual, no Void. If he vanishes in a cloud of gray smoke and is seen fleeting to the back of the room... The Void is open...


Every few months within the game, an announcement released by the Archprophet upon next time logging on will be played, letting the players know a 'Return of Panzer' month has begun. This is different from the event that happened here on the wikia, but is similar in name and results. During 'Return of Panzer' months, the main menu background changes, there are hightened spawn rates of certain things, more content, and at the end... a three-day period where every completion of Tower of Gladii allows access to The Void from the back of the room, a giant gaping solid black doorway with white light spreading across the floor tiles. The Void can only be entered if the Archprophet is killed within 40 minutes of the Tower of Gladii run's start.


  • The Void is odd. It is nothing.
  • The map in Void is endless in every direction. There is no minimap.
  • Polygons spawn, but they are solid black with white outlines, very rare, and provide 4x Score. When destroyed, they melt into white goo tiles that inflict Stunned and Confused for 3 seconds upon walking through.
  • There is no sound other than the background track, which in its own right will probably just be dark and booming white noise by the actual game's creation.
  • All tiles are completely black with no lines between them, creating the illusion of black endlessness.
    • Every once in a while, a very bright white grid will flash for about a second. This is rare and has no effects other than aesthetics.
  • Despite The Void being classified as an entirely other game mode with its own transition and server, players coming from the Tower of Gladii will keep their level tanks, and permanent boss power-ups.
  • Occasionally the screen will static, followed by the illusion of a different game mode being played. This has its own area below.
  • After all game modes have been completed in a random order, The Void begins to crack and World's End is entered, the arena of the Avatar of Panzer.
    • Between each game mode, players are left to wander in darkness for about a minute or two.
    • Note that in all Warped Gamemodes, players will be teleported back to The Void in a screen of static right before they die... and then they must wait for the current Warped Gamemode to end.
    • To motivate players to actually do the Warped Gamemode instead of just sitting there knowing that it will end in a crazy different way after a few minutes anyway, standing still will cause the screen to slowly go darker as white outlined black hands on arms slowly reach out from the edges of the player's screen, sending them back to The Void with a static effect. The hands will appear after about 20 seconds of sitting still, and the first one will always reach the player at 31 seconds of inactivity.
      • During a Warped Gamemode, back in the actual Void, Tear of Panzer spawns are raised dramatically, so players 'killed' or 'too inactive' who get sent back to the blackness will have to endure hell as they wait for the other players to wrap it up.

Warped Game Modes

Fortress Mode

All players in The Void will be sent to an illusion of Fortress Mode, and assigned a random team color. One player on each color will be the Team Emperor. However, as the game mode progresses, everything except players begin slowing down. AI enemies, the Labyrinth walls, even the Archpuppet if you get there... they begin to revert to melting black and white goo. The tiles begin to meld together, covering the grid and forming odd shapes. The game mode ends either after twenty minutes have passed and all non-players come to a complete stop, or when the Archpuppet is defeated. Either way, once it ends, static consumes the screen and with a black and red flash the players are back in The Void, all Blue again.

Power to the Prophet

All players in The Void will be sent to an illusion of Power to the Prophet. Players will be divided between the Blue and Black number of teams?. Prophets will be assigned accordingly. As the game progresses, the Cult will slowly begin winning the game without their own influence. Even without Altars, after a few minutes, the Tank Empire base will fall and the base of the Cult will begin rapidly expanding to consume them. All Tank Empire players will rapidly lose health until they're on 1% and then the game mode will end with consuming static and a laugh. All players are back in The Void, blue once more.

Polygon Playground

All players in The Void are sent to an illusion of Polygon Playground. It will be in FFA, and all Protoype Polygons will act as normal. But about eight minutes in, all players will begin slowly being pulled toward the center, where a melting black and white goo Polygon Mother sits, angrily. Eventually, the pull will become so overwhelming players can not escape. Upon being killed by the Polygon Mother, players will be warped back to The Void in a screen of static. Learn your mistakes.

4 Teams

All players in The Void are sent to an illusion of 4-Teams. Teams are randomly assigned and everything acts as normal. Then about ten minutes in, Fortresses will begin rapidly appearing around the map. Sons of Panzer will come out of their Fortresses and ravage the lands and innocent tanks. The Sons will begin melting in white and black goo as they near death. Once all Sons of Panzer have been killed, 4-Teams ends and all players are warped back to The Void, as usual, in static, and become Blue again.

Shadow of the Gladiator

All players in The Void are sent to an illusion of Shadow of the Gladiator. As usual, the game mode begins as normal. After the first Shadow Gladiator boss is spawned, the counter will begin going down by itself. First once every two seconds. Each time another Shadow Gladiator is beaten, the number it counts down automatically per second will double. Eventually, the counter will just go down so fast that numerous Shadow Gladiators must be killed at once! After all Shadow Gladiators are killed, players are returned to The Void in a flash of static.

Boss Frenzy

All players in The Void will be sent to an illusion of Boss Frenzy. This is exactly like normal, but the boss will always be the Glimpse of Panzer. Instead of dying, at the end, all players will be vacuumed into the maw of the void like the Polygon Mother in the Warped Polygon Playground. Players will then be sent back to The Void...

Tower of Gladii

Despite the Warped Gamemodes happening in a random order, this one will always be last. You must re-run the Tower of Gladii once again, but static appears more often, everything has slightly less health and damage, and upon death everything melts into white and black til goo before disappearing. Walking through it gives you the Confused and Stunned debuffs for 3 seconds. There are no Power-Ups or Secret Rooms. Boris will not spawn, and the path leading to The Heretic will always be on the left. When you arrive at the Archprophet fight in the Sanctum, all thats there are his crown and tattered scarf, sitting in a pile of white and black goo tiles... afterwards, a booming laugh sounds as all players are sent to World's End...


  • The Void sends you back on a journey of all you've done before, working so hard to get here. Panzer will play with and destroy your mind and hope to make sure you won't stop him...
  • The final game mode and challenge of The Tale of Diep, the long running, month-spanning story!
  • In case you couldn't tell, black and white goo are the main way Panzer creates things while he himself is still forming a corporeal form.
  • World's End is the name of the arena where the final boss, the Avatar of Panzer is fought.
  • The Void is the ultimate challenge, as all other end-game content before it is required to have been beaten in order to access it. It also sends you back through a whole bunch of other game modes you have done to get there...
  • When you are killed in a Warped Gamemode, before being transported back to The Void, at the death screen, it will say you were killed by 'a dying memory'.
    • This is the same should the creepy crawly hands reach you after being inactive in a Warped Gamemodes for about 30 seconds.
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