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The Thorn Trapper is a Tier 4 tank that upgrades from the Trapper and is unlocked through special means. Created by Diepmon and Graviatar. Original idea by Graviatar.


The Thorn Trapper has a thorn mine launcher, which looks like a trap launcher but has two diagonal lines running from the trap base to the top of the launcher trapezoid part.


Unlocking ThornTrapper Example

A Thorn Trapper in action.

To unlock the Thorn Trapper, a player must do one of the following things (it doesn't matter which one, only one is needed to unlock it):

  • Destroy a Skewer Phage.
  • Encounter a boss that uses Thorn Mines as ammunition, like the Phage Lord.
  • Play as Trapper 10 times. ThornMine New

A Thorn Mine.

Thorn Mines

This tank uses Thorn Mines for ammunition, which are small star-like figures with four thorn spikes protruding outwards from each side. The central polygon, if approached by a tank, will collapse the spikes inward and project them outward. When these things "explode", the middle polygon will vanish. Four thorns and 12 very slow weak bullets are launched out once being detonated. Thorns will fire out considerably faster. The Thorn Mines are around the same base penetration as a Skimmer missile, and will not reward any EXP when destroyed like Traps. When a Thorn Mine is destroyed without activating it (by bullets or drones), it will not explode.

  • The Thorns released from a thorn mine will fly out pointed to their designated direction. Thorns act like traps in that they decelerate over time, though unlike traps the range is slightly more as they are light and they will vanish once they stop moving at all.
  • Thorns have a unique property of sticking on the player/enemy and dealing damage over time. By default, player created thorn mines will deal 1 HP every 1/2 a second for 5 seconds, which equates to 10 HP of total damage. Stats such as bullet penetration increases the time the thorn remains by a half a second while also increasing the strength of the thorn, making it harder for players to destroy. Bullet damage increases the DPS of the thorn by adding 0.5 HP more damage per second.
    • In total a maxed out thorn-mine thorn will deal a striking 4.5 HP every 1/2 a second for 8.5 seconds, which is a total of 76.5 HP of damage, which is more than enough damage to destroy a level 1 tank with no upgrades, and can severely damage a normal pentagon.
  • Thorns also have a slight armor piercing ability, for objects such as a blue pentagon which has a 33% resistance, thorns will negate half the resistance, making the pentagon's 33% resistance half as effective. Multiple thorns do not stack this.
  • Enemies and tanks can have in fact multiple thorns stuck on them, effectively adding both damage together, increasing the damage drastically.


  • This tank is a collaboration between Diepmon and Graviatar.
  • Was a contester for the Second Concept Tournament.
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