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The Thruster is a Level 45 tank that upgrades from the Trailblazer. It may not upgrade further. Idea by Diepmon.


The Thruster looks almost exactly the same as the Trailblazer, except there are two slightly smaller spikes on opposite sides of the tank that stick straight out. Those spikes do 40% more body damage that the front spike would deal. The front spike is also slightly longer, although the change is less than that of the Rocket. The barrel's reload and recoil are slightly increased.


  • Also doesn't have a charge ability like the Trailblazer.
  • The bullets actually fire in a straight line despite the aesthetic being a Machine Gun barrel, like its predecessor.
  • Body Damage is once again passively increased when upgraded to, although the buff is less than that given to the Rocket.

Possible Strategy

  • Strong Against: Body Damage-based tanks, low DPS tanks, distracted tanks whose barrels are not facing the Thruster
  • Weak Against: Drone tanks and high DPS tanks, Trapper branch tanks, Destroyer branch tanks

As the Thruster

  • Avoid drone tanks and Trapper branch tanks. Treat this tank defensive-wise as you would a Booster or Fighter.
  • Play the Thruster like a Fighter, quickly strafing by enemy tanks and following a hit-and-run method of attack. Your front lance is not your main weapon, your side spikes are.
  • Since this is a Lancer branch tank, it is meant to be used as a ramming tank, with a build like (5-7/7/7/0/0/0/7/5-7).
  • This tank requires great skill to master, as you must avoid ramming head-on and instead approach your target(s) from the side or back, taking care to implement a very slight curve to the left or right in your movement as you move. Once close enough, continue on as if ramming but then suddenly make a quasi-gradual turn (like a staggered U-turn.)
  • Once you have sideswiped your target, double back and repeat the process if necessary. Remember that control is an absolute must when using this tank.
  • Because the Thruster is the Body Damage counterpart to the Fighter, it possesses similar strengths. However, since it usually will have high health and specializes in ramming, it is more similar to the Booster in terms of weaknesses.
  • Avoid traps at all costs. They can heavily damage you as your lances cannot clear the traps fast enough for you to break through a wall of traps without taking heavy damage.
  • Stay away from prepared high DPS tanks, especially Twins, Triplets, and Sprayers. Destroyer branch tanks are also a threat as they can release heavy damage at close range.

Against the Thruster

  • Use traps to ward off unwanted Thursters. They cannot penetrate through it easily, let alone blast their way through with their rear cannon.
  • Skilled users of drone tanks can easily decimate a careless Thruster, provided that the Thruster is distracted or is at a medium distance away from the drone tank.
    • Necromancer and Overlord are by far the best tanks for the counter above.
  • Crowd-control tanks can create a bullet storm to discourage the Thruster from attempting to sideswipe them.
  • Bullet spammers should focus their fire on the Thruster, making sure to shoot ahead of it as Thrusters are usually very fast. Remember that the Thruster doesn't have a charge ability, so it can't suddenly lunge forward within the bullet storm.
  • Destroyer branch tanks should have adequate movement speed to evade the side and front spikes while whittling down the Thruster with their high-damage bullets.


  • This tank is basically the Fighter and a ram Booster combined, without the Booster's additional acceleration.
  • Winner of the First Conception Tournament in Tanks category.
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