Tale of Diep (ToD) is no longer under active development as a derivative of and remains here as an archive, though spin-offs such as The Extended Tale of Diep remain active. For info on the successor to Tale of Diep, now an independent work called "A Tale Where Nothing Matters", visit its Discord server here.

The Tower... the place where all darkness in the world has always been. It is here Panzer once oversaw the entire Realm with his omniscient eyes. And after The Middle Era began, the Archprophet claimed it as the center of operations for his cult. Located in the heart of the Desolate Plains, this area of the Realm suffered the worse from Panzer's sealing, being reduced to a lava-ridden, blackened wasteland where rotten grass sparsely grows and skeletons and bones dot the landscape. Deep beneath it lies the vault, and up above... the chamber.

It is your duty now. You have broken the bonds and found a way in, past the thousands of guarding cultists, and through the Desolate Plains, of which are defended with countless outposts, cathedrals, and labyrinths. Now... break into the sanctum, and spill the blood of this evil prophet...


The Tower of Gladii is a very special gamemode that can be entered by finishing the Seven Steps of the Sanctum (See: Archprophet), which when completed, grants access to the game mode for the next week from the Realm Map. It is multi-piece, and all belongs to one server. Therefore, every player who joins the gamemode are all in the same world. You'll need this massive team from all across the globe to bring death to He Who Laughs In The Tower once again. Three bosses reside in this gamemode, two minibosses and lastly the Archprophet himself, fought in the Sanctum at the very end.

The Tower of Gladii in the story is the Archprophet's main boss of operations, situated in the Desolate Plains. From here he oversees all of the cult's actions, keeps the archives of everything they've done, stores the treasures, and holds his very own congregations. It used to be the old tower Panzer would use to oversee The Realm in a similar manner, but using his omnipotence instead. The Archprophet obviously does not hold such an ability. It is pretty much the final conclusive story game mode, not counting The Void, which is not available to reach 100% of the time.

The Tower of Gladii, when unlocked through the Seven Steps of the Sanctum, remains for one week (exactly 168 hours) starting the second the Seven Steps are completed. Only one Tower of Gladii run can be done at a time, as the Tower is considered one server and therefore all players that enter the gamemode are all together, as described above. Once a run has started, the Tower cannot be entered until the next one begins. It should be noted that Tower of Gladii are runs expected to fail A LOT. It takes either a massive team, a lot of high skill high level players, or both. Some of the greatest challenges within the game lurk in this tower, so it is not some high end game content that can be turned into a farm for loot and rewards. However, when those rewards are gotten through skill and coordination, they are absolute beyond fantastic. The Archprophet and his closest within the Tower drop some of the best stuff in the entire game, and upward of 100 Panzer Tokens can easily be earned with enough contribution to the run.

When you die in the Tower of Gladii, you cannot come back until the next run, AND your Character is dead for good.


  • Tower of Gladii is one of the utmost challenges of The Tale of Diep. Raiding the tower is a MASSIVE deal that some players will only see the chance to do a couple of times in just a few months time playing the game. Tower of Gladii takes weeks for the entire population of the game to unlock for its rather short burst of access time.
    • The Tower of Gladii is guaranteed to spawn during the final week of a Month of Panzer independent of the Seven Steps of the Sanctum, and the final three days of said Tower of Gladii will allow access to The Void following the Archprophet's defeat.
  • Players must use one of their active Characters when entering the Tower of Gladii.
    • There is a high risk of losing that character here, as it is dead for good should that be the case.
    • Leveling in the Tower of Gladii is quite fast due to the high XP values and good items dropped by even just the standard enemies. However, as stated above, death is extremely easy for weak players. Even powerful characters can easily die if alone or a mistake is made.
  • The map of the Tower of Gladii is pre-generated unlike some structures or game modes. The main of the tower is exactly the same every run, but some aspects of it will be randomized, such as enemy positions, enemy clusters, mazes, other puzzles, etc.
  • Tower of Gladii not only encompasses the tower itself, but the massive labyrinth outside of it. This is one of the few randomized aspects of it mentioned above. The maze will still be one of ten preset layouts, which can be memorized with enough dedication, but nonetheless it is random which will be chosen.
    • Many of the random aspects of the Tower of Gladii are like this. Not completely random, but instead one of many preset possibilities selected and mismatched together every run.
  • Tower of Gladii has three bosses:
    • Apostle of Panzer
    • Belisarius
    • Archprophet
    • All three of them must be fought every run for it to be successful. There is no way around any of them and the run cannot be completed without all of their deaths.
    • Each boss has many powerful loot drops and are guaranteed to give a special item to the player that dealt the most damage to them that lasts SOLELY for the rest of the Tower of Gladii run and vanishes upon leaving. These are described in their own section below.
  • Boris the Ghost Butler is an odd entity that can be found throughout the Tower. He does not battle with players (he used to), but if he is seen, things can change drastically during the battle with the Archprophet, ranging from quotes he says to attacks he uses.
    • Boris can spawn and move randomly about the Tower. He can be encountered multiple times. If met or seen, he will stop moving if he is, make light conversation giving hints about the Tower and its puzzles or secrets, and then vanish.
  • Throughout the Tower are secret rooms. Unlike normal rooms, these ARE random. Whether one is behind a wall or not is completely unpredictable until attempted.
    • Secret rooms can be entered through one of three ways.
      • Some secret rooms require a puzzle be done within the room it is in or a prior room. Then a part of the wall will collapse and can be entered.
      • Most secret rooms resolve around passing through a non-solid portion of a wall and slipping into it.
      • Some times, the secret rooms will be accessed in a similar manner to the above bullet, but the entrance must be shot down instead of just passing through.
    • Secret rooms can contain many different things.
      • Chests, that can be destroyed for chances at rare or unique loot.
      • Clusters of enemies.
      • Temporary Power Ups, another mechanic of the Tower of Gladii.
      • Very rarely, a Son of Panzer or Desolate Plains Realm Boss.
    • Secret room size can vary significantly as well, and the size of a secret room can indicate its purpose. For example, larger secret rooms may contain a boss, while smaller ones are more likely to be a power up or a loot chest room.
  • A variety of enemy types can spawn within the Tower. Hostile entities come in all sorts of flavors here.
  • There is a Belisarius chase sequence in the Tower of Gladii, right before the fight with him. It follows traditional rules and its layout will be listed under the map section.
  • The game mode ends one of two ways, depending on whether it is a Month of Panzer or not.
    • If it is not a Month of Panzer, the game mode ends when the Archprophet is killed.
    • If it is a Month of Panzer, The Void will open in a corridor behind the Sanctum and can be entered. Players can still leave if they do wish to enter The Void, without consequence.
  • After every run of Tower of Gladii, failure or success, it must reset.
    • Following a failed run of Tower of Gladii, it cannot be entered for another 30 minutes.
    • Following a successful run of Tower of Gladii, it cannot be entered for another 2 hours. The Archprophet must take time to be revived by Panzer, refurnish everything, feed the Tears of Panzer, pick out new curtains, etc.


The Tower of Gladii is beyond massive. The floor of every room is made up dark gray hexagon tiles, similar to the floor of The Lich boss fight. The walls are dark gray and have random Panzer banners, torches, and piles of Tankit along them. Floors have carpeting, bookcases line the walls of some rooms. All in all, the Tower is very lively, heavily guarded, and full of useful information, lost archives, and much glory to gather.

The map is not randomly generated, and there is a very specific way of eventually reaching the Archprophet.

The Exterior

When players enter, it is at the entrance of a great maze. Invisible barriers block straying too far from this zone, leaving players with only one path to go: inside. The maze outside of the Tower can be one of eight different layouts selected randomly at the start of the game mode when the rest of the Tower is being generated. Within the maze are five different Lock Spires, which must be powered to open the end of the maze, always at the front center of the Tower.

The maze itself is a massive square. It wraps itself completely around the Tower, which is tall and thin itself at the center of it all. The only exit of the maze is right in front of the Tower, but as stated, it is blocked off until all five Lock Spires are captured.

Within the maze are tons of enemies, which can be any of the ones listed under its section. Players must coordinate in opening the gates, as while the five Lock Spires are being activated, the Cult will actively try to reclaim them. So some players must stay behind to guard the Spires as they are claimed. Lock Spires look like large gray stone altars with a bright light shooting into the sky from the middle. When claimed, the center of the Spire will open, and a pillar will rise up, with orange runic text on it that glows. The beam firing into the sky will also become orange, in contrast to the white before.

The Cult of Panzer enemies within the maze will actively run toward claimed Spires, and attack players there. If a Cult enemy touches a claimed Spire, it will become unclaimed and must be taken again. Spires themselves are claimed by players when 7000 damage is done to it. Cultists guard the Spires, and just roam throughout the paths of the maze. When all five Spires have been claimed, the beams will become purple, the gate will open, and the Spires cannot be taken back by the Cult any more, allowing access to the Tower interior and first floor.

As stated, this maze has eight different layouts selected randomly, and so too the five Spires are also in different locations dependent on the layout. Advanced or veteran players may be able to eventually know exactly where every Spire is based on clues given by the rest of the maze layout, tipping them toward which one it is.




  • Oh ho ho...
  • It isn't over...
  • I am not the end...
  • The Void lives on...
  • And shadows await...
  • Gladii is Latin for 'Swords'.
  • The Archprophet used to spawn in Fortress Mode, believe it or not.
  • Going under HEAVY rework with the introduction of so many pivotal and new mechanics such as Belisarius, Characters, The Realm, and pretty much the game changing entirely.
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