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The Trailblazer is a Level 30 tank that upgrades from the Machine Gun and the Lancer. It was created by Zathsu.


The Trailblazer is a blue circle (like every other tank). It has a slightly longer spear point than the Lancer and has a Machine Gun barrel on the back.


  • Loses the Lancer's charge ability, but instead uses bullet recoil to move faster, much like a Booster or Tri-Angle.
  • The bullets actually fire in a straight line despite the aesthetic being a Machine Gun barrel.
  • Body Damage is once again passively increased when upgraded to.


  • This tank has the second-most upgrades of the Lancer branch, at a whopping total of 10. The tank with the third-most upgrades is the Navigator, and finally, the tank with the most is the Bastion.
Lancer Branch
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