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Trape Fighter is an orange Grouper boss equipped with a few weapons. It can spawn in most game modes but only when a superior Heptagon nest is active on the server.

This is one of the only bosses that use abilities. However the abilities aren't very complicated.

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The Profile

It appears to be a large trapezoid with a triangle indent at the long back side. Two spawners are placed on the front two sides, and two gunner barrels are placed it the very front side. This boss is slightly smaller than the width of the Summoner.





Boss Stats

Trape Fighter has 4,500 HP, it regenerates 7 HP per second. It moves slightly faster than the Guardian of the Pentagons. It will deal 28 HP of body damage per hit. Ramming builds might be effective if the boss is in very low health. During one of its attacks, it will double the rate of regeneration. It has the same visibility as a level 45 assassin tank. Damage received will be reduced by 5% by default.


A Grouper.

The Trape Fighter can summon a max of 16 Groupers, however the behavior is slightly different. Trape Fighter can can control these more like overseer drones, where they can spread out and hit many different targets, or bunch together in front of the boss to protect it from incoming projectiles. The Groupers individually act more like drones than independent collections. These have 70 HP and deal 10 HP in body damage per hit. These move as fast as large Crashers. The Spawners can create 2 drones per second, double the rate during the Rapid Respawn attack.

Gunner Cannons

The Trape fighter has two front gunner cannons, it rapidly fires them in the same manner the Gunner Trapper fires. The cannons refire the same rate as a Gunner Trapper with 4 points of reload. The bullets move fairly quickly, and have medium-high penetration.


  • Surround: Trape Fighter will spread out all of its drones away from the center, then it will target a tank by facing towards it while shooting its cannons. The drones then all come target into the tank from many different directions. Any drone destroyed will be respwaned and encircle the boss. This attack will partially make the boss more vulnerable.
  • Spread: Trape Fighter will send 6-9 drones outward and each creating an expanding arc. This is similar to how Overseer Classes will send their drones outward. After certain distance is reached, the surviving drones will return to the Boss. During this attack Trape Fighter will target its cannons to the nearest strongest tank.
  • Drone Ring: All the drones form Trape Fighter will bunch up in the center, then all of the drones fly out in every direction, hitting multiple targets. After certain distance is reached, the surviving drones will return to the Boss. During this attack Trape Fighter will target its cannons to the nearest strongest tank.
  • Overrun: Trape Fighter will send 6-9 drones all bunched together directly at a target. During this attack, Trape Fighter will individually target the nearest strongest tank with its cannons. Any drone used in this attack that have been destroyed will be respwaned and encircle the boss.
  • Orange Shield: Trape Fighter will bunch all of its drones around itself, protecting it and enabling regeneration. Trape Fighter will slowly back away from tanks as well, however it will avoid bases. During this attack, Trape Fighter will not fire its cannons. This attack will occur when Trape Fighter is at 500 HP.
  • Rapid Respawn: Used once Trape Fighter has only 500 HP, it respawns its drones twice as fast. Gunner Cannons reload normally. During this attack, it will also do the Orange Shield attack simultaneously. It will send out 6-9 drones out to attack tanks constantly.




  • This is the FIRST that I made that uses different attacks.
  • Most attacks are based on the Overseer Branch.
  • Attacks are directly an inspiration from Zathsu's Tale of Diep bosses.
  • Despite that there are different attacks, this boss doesn't change too drastically HP, speed, damage stats, or just in general any other unique things, making it not too difficult, however it has probably one of the most complex AI for all of my bosses.
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