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Oh, Perpendiculus never expected myself to make use of his Squares! What if I make them into shields with specialized cannons on it from my personal company, huh? Now THIS is what I call a real warrior! Hueh! Hueh! - Septaur

This! THIS! If I had to choose which polygon would be one of my least favorite, its that Square Wannabe of a quadrilateral. There's nothing good about being a crossing parallel! This shouldn't exist at all! - Perpendiculus


Trapperzoid is one of the various Polygon Bosses that can occur in The Realm, as a spawn from Septaur. It is most frequently encountered in Toil Ridge, but it can occur on almost any other Realm Area excluding those inhospitable for Polygons. One of the more older of its kind, Trapperzoid was created out of the age of experimentation after the Defender was created. Septuar at this point was entirely dependent on his brethren for assistance, however he was soon to be self-sufficient.

While it appears not unlike Vanguard with weapon choice, Trapperzoid behaves entirely different, and aggressively at some points. While Vanguard utilizes stealth, Trapperzoid has an unusually high rate of recovery. This in addition to its frontal cannons and back launcher transforms the body into a propelling force that is capable of absorbing lots of damage at once. This is what makes Trapperzoid one of the few ramming types of Polygon Bosses. Anybody who are unfortunate to be in front would be weakened by bullets before crushed, while any chasers behind would face constant hazards with the large traps left behind.

Trapperzoid does has its flaws. While it takes more damage, it also looses more energy to dedicate its body to recover, slowing down its offensive capabilities and making it more vulnerable to attack.

Trapperzoid could be the start of a new generation of Crasher-Division polypatrons that are mainly focused around the Heptagons. This includes Splitter Hexagons, Shield-Runners, and many others.


Trapperzoid takes form of a large orange trapezoid, similar to those created by Splitter Hexagons but much larger. It has a large trap launcher at the long end, and at the front it has three short and small cannons.


As Trapperzoid losses HP by increments of 50, it will increase its attack speed by 2%. If Trapperzoid is able to regenerate it back, the reverse happens. This means as it approaches death, it would have increased attack speed by nearly 140%.

There is a 1/12 chance for a bullet to reflect off of Trapperzoid. This does not increase chance as the boss looses HP.

Trap Launcher TrapLauncher

Trapperzoid's main weapon is located on the longer side of its body. It produces large traps with high damage and health at a rate of one trap for every .8 second normally. Due to its size compared to the boss itself, the launcher will have recoil, which Trapperzoid conveniently uses it for its advantage.

There is a rare occasion where instead of one large trap, it fires 2-5 normally sized traps that is shot at once with greater range. They have similar stats to those created by the Defender. A short delay is shown before the launcher releases them.

All traps crated by Trapperzoid will vanish after 12 seconds.

Gunner Cannons

Three small cannons are placed on the front of the boss. They rapidly fire small bullets with high penetration and speed, making them deadly to tanks with less health, and can weaken stronger tanks before the boss rams into them. The cannons also have high reload and little to no recoil. Trapperzoid only fires them if a player or another enemy is in front and in the way of the boss.


Trapperzoid while idle will wonder around, often going to many polygon nests throughout. It will not venture to areas where it does not spawn in, nor areas that are inhosbitable for Polygons like Vallard Wastes or Desolate Plains. If lured close in proximity to those areas, Trapperzoid would immediately turn back towards its initial area, ignoring players while returning.

During battle, Trapperzoid would follow a pattern of chasing down its enemies while firing its small front cannons. As mentioned before, the combination of trap launcher and cannons create an effect that is made for straight melee attacks. This and combined with its immense regenerative abilities can certainly make Trapperzoid a hard target to take down alone. Trapperzoid moves fairly quickly when charging to its foes, however it does not turn easily, which can create some opportunities for players to evade. Keep in mind for players that use bullets as their ammunition, Trapperzoid can reflect them back. In addition, Trapperzoid increases attack speed as it gets damaged. This could make the fight become hectic towards the end.

Death Animation

Once Trapperzoid's health drops to 0, it rapidly begins to spin. The two sides that are not parallel to each other begins to glow brightly as white cracks form beneath them and spreads towards the center of the body. Suddenly, Trapperzoid explodes in a white and orange flash. Trapperzoid's body disintegrates into ash, but for a few seconds, a white and orange "x" pattern is created by the two glowing sides that were initially formed during Trapperzoid's death sequence. Its weapons are broken off completely, scattering the ground and remaining there for 12 seconds before vanishing.



Old Design

  • There used to be an older design for this boss, it used to be flatter and have lines that connect from the bottom to vertices towards the top. It was redesigned with the new color scheme.
  • Buffed regeneration from 30 to 50 per second, but now added a delay when being hit.
    • Debuffed regeneration to 40 HP because of its HP boost
  • For a while it used to have 1,000 HP, then the boss buff update happened and to keep things a little more challenging it was buffed to 3,000 HP, which is more inclined with the rest of the polygon bosses.
    • Later was buffed once more to 3,500 HP.
  • "Trapperzoid" is a portmanteau of "Trapper", and trapezoid.
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