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Fly like a butterfly, sting like a supernova.

The Usurper of the Sun is a Realm Boss that spawns in Toil Ridge. Usurpers are powerful warriors of the Sect of Andromeda. Only one can be active at a time, and they only spawn during day.


The Usurper of the Sun is a tank the same color as the Sect members, except that it also has a helmet that is golden instead of the orange caps. This helmet shares many design traits similar to the Sect of Andromeda despite this, with symbols and crystals like those on their weapons. The visor mask on the helmet is down, and glows incandescently orange. A red feather sticks upward from his helmet. He has small tank-like hands at his side. One has a sword similar to He is only slightly larger than a Level 45 tank.


Usurpers are the result of extremely successful and difficult ceremonies that can transform a normal nomad into a magical warrior that can tap into the power of the stars themselves. They are so much more fine-tuned to the cosmos' power, that when an Usurper dies the sun falls no matter the time. The Usurpers are the high elite warriors that act for the Sect's most powerful leaders. For they are the paladins to the Staffbearer clergy's council. They act not only for the sun, but as it...

Attacks and Abilities

  • Sunlight: Releases eight streams of twelve bullets like a Streamliner all around him. These are released quickly, travel quickly, and will occur in quick succession three to six times while moving very slightly a bit each time, and striking a new pose. He will glisten every time a new blast is fired as well.
  • Sun Wave: Aims his Destroyer barrel at a player. Then a spread of 10 large bullets fires towards them. Each of these do high damage, travel fast, and inflict Burning for 2 seconds.
  • Solar Flare: His visor's slits will blink with light, and then the Usurper will release four long rotating spirals of Gunner bullets outward from his center, which do surprisingly high damage quickly, and inflict Blinded for 3 seconds. After the ability's end, he gets Frenzy for 4 seconds.
  • Star Swarm: Will flip his gun around to the spawner side, and then begin releasing swarms of Star Orbitals. There will be anywhere from six to eight Star Orbitals spawn, and players must be wary due to their high speed and damage output.
  • Sun Slash: Will swing his lance, in an attempt to strike players. This is accompanied by a golden wave of energy flying outward in the direction of the slash, additionally pushing away players in the direction of the slash and inflicting Fatigued for 3.5 seconds.
  • Sun Soak: Stops fighting and aims both his lance and gun upward, before glimmering in golden light. He will go Invincible for 4 seconds before returning to the fight with Frenzy, Speedy, and Armored, all of which last 10 seconds. The Usurper will also recover 500 health. Is used three times, at 60% health, 30% health, and 10% health.
  • Heavy Heart: His visor gets cracked and raises upward, becoming more like The Prince's. He takes double damage but moves and attacks quicker for 6 seconds. Then it falls again. When this effect ends, he will release a supernova-like sound, raising and shaking both of his arms as if stretching, as an orange particle burst inflicting Paralyzed and Stunned for 4 seconds is shot outward around him a short distance, before re-entering combat.
  • Sunspot: Will mark a large area with an orange target that progressively gets flames building up around it over the course of about 2 seconds. After this finishes, a light damage burst will be applied there, inflicting Blinded and Dazed for 3 seconds.
  • Solar Corona: Will get a white ring of light around him, and raise his lance. Then he will spin around a full 360 with his lance, basking in white light, and release flaming orange bullets as he goes. These do moderate damage but inflict no debuff.
  • Corona Burn: The Usurper will charge really quickly at a player, stop moving, and make the same motion as he does at the end of Heavy Heart when releasing his blast of flames. However, this is much stronger, doing much higher damage, inflicting no debuffs, and flashing the whole screen white for players within an area of him for a full second.
  • Secular Solution: Will raise his blade high upward as it shimmers with light. Three random members of the Sect of Andromeda enemy group will appear in orange flashes in random locations nearby him. This cannot include Nomadic Staffbearers.
  • Ra Majmuea: Some nights, sundown comes early... upon his death the game instantly becomes the start of the night cycle regardless of the time of day.


  • A Solar Corona is actually the white ring of light you see around the Sun when you look up at it mid-day.
  • There is no solar eclipse reference on purpose.
  • He was originally a Gladiator Boss, and later became involved with the Sect due to his relation to the stars, and their relation to the stars. This made him a Realm Boss.
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