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Now wait here as I bring in The Sting That Never Fades! - Octrax


Vanguard is a Polygon Boss that appears in many areas of The Realm such as Somber Falls, Shattered Coasts, southern Paradigm Dunes, and the lower portions of the Neverest mountains. It was one of the oldest protectors created by Octrax, the Disciple of the Octagons. His project started from his inspiration of Trites's creation - the Defender, which sprouted a whole range of new possibilities apart from using the mountable spawner. With now the Leviathan being sent out as a pure warrior, Octrax too has his own ideas for militia, this time instead of using brute strength, he goes into a creation of a new kind of infantry that involves stealth.

The release of Vanguards within the realm has been a success for a while, they ambush the Tank Empire's outposts without warning and in a matter of hours they are now claimed by the Polygons. Many more battles followed as each succession eventually drove the Tanks away from the southern portions of the Neverest mountains. Other sieges with the use of Vanguards have also struck Somber Falls, as a movement to aid Decratite during The Old Era.

Vanguards became an inspirational force among the Disciples. Modification of Crashers and other experimentation was on the rise after its release, driving other projects to be planned out in the future.


Vanguard takes form of a sky-blue arrowhead-shaped figure. It is slightly longer in length compared to an Alpha Pentagon. Three auto cannons are on the boss, two are mounted near the front two sides, while one is on top and aligned between the other two. A trap launcher is on the back.


Auto Cannons AutoCannon

There are three Auto Cannons on this boss, one is on top and the other two are on the sides. They are identical to to the Defender's but with lower reload speed. The side turrets can only rotate 60 degrees in both directions, the top turret however can rotate all around. There is a blind-spot for the side turrets when players are right behind Vanguard. All three turrets may shoot at you if you're directly in front of it.

Trapper Launcher TrapLauncher

There is a single trap launcher at the back of this boss. It fires an average sized trap every second, creating a trail of them behind the boss. These traps only last for 14 seconds after being released. Traps are similar in stats to the Defender. The launcher can launch these traps a lot further however, making it dangerous to be behind the boss while firing.


Vanguard has a few attacks it can select randomly, but often it will follow a behavioral pattern which consisting of staying idle until a player gets in close proximity, then which it ambushes them.

While cloaking in its idle state, Vanguard will not fire any weapons, even when enemies are in its detection range. When a player that is level 7 or higher gets within 20 tiles, Vanguard will go to its normal attack state. If shot by beyond 20 tiles, Vanguard will immediately retaliate.

When it is attacking, Vanguard becomes visible and moves out of the way to begin its attack state. It circles around its target(s) while launching traps and firing its cannons. Traps will block any safe escape routs, while cannons do side-attacks. The more entities targeted, the wider the circular path the boss takes. When Vanguard kills its enemy in this "death spiral", it will either continue if there are more entities left within, select an attack, or cloak itself immediately after when all were killed or escaped beyond viability. It returns back to its ambush state afterward.

When this boss is below 1/6 of its health, the first thing it will do is cloak itself. When cloaked, it will flee from tanks above level 7, and canceling any attacks it currently was going through. Since Vanguard can recover its health faster while cloaked, it can resume fighting once reaching half of its max HP.




  • Third boss created by Graviatar.
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