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Tale of Diep (ToD) is no longer under active development as a derivative of Diep.io and remains here as an archive, though spin-offs such as The Extended Tale of Diep remain active. For info on the successor to Tale of Diep, now an independent work called "A Tale Where Nothing Matters", visit its Discord server here.

The High Prophet of Paradigm Dunes, Victit is one of the most interesting entities within The Realm. What was once a formidable warrior with a stern sense of valor, if with a bit of an inferiority complex, was reduced to nothing but a shell of that. No one knows the events within Victit's life that changed him into what he is... but what is known, is that his mind has split. Victit has two personalities, each stemmed from his past, a rather tragic one, combined with his sense of inferiority not just compared to his superiors, nor even his fellow High Prophets, but to tank kind as a whole. He views himself lesser than just about any being that walks the Realm, undeserving of love, or care, or even resources necessary to survive. And so his second, more dominant personality developed, to survive, and act as a superior to the crumbled and hollow Victit, making sure he never dies to his own self hatred, and assuming control over it to do so. But little has this helped, and if anything, just makes Victit beat himself up more... Nonetheless, his loyalty to Panzer is unwavering, but he still questions the wrongs done his name. His dominant personality shrugs it off, trying to stay in control.


Victit is one of the six High Prophets of the Cult of Panzer. Every region of The Realm influenced by the Cult has one, and he is the High Prophet of Paradigm Dunes. Victit is odd to serve under or for, but is nonetheless relatively normal when in a social setting, or around others. Few know of his personality disorder, or of his troubled past, and it never really shines through to the public. When it comes to work, Victit is an admirer of valor, courage, and honesty. He himself administers the first two traits, but refuses to admit or accept that deep down, he has a problem. Victit sees himself as still whole, but really he has snapped and doesn't know it.

Victit fights with a long spear-like weapon called the Valiance Skewer, and a weapon of many barrels in the form of a bow-like weapon called the Phoenix Array. It takes the form of a large, almost metallic gauntlet he wears on his right (players see it as his left) hand. Meanwhile, he can too summon Valiance Artifacts to his aid.

Victit, relative to the rest of the High Prophet council, receives very little respect. And most of them do not even know about his disorder. It is not their job to. The High Prophet council is not about being great friends and working together, it's about discussing the important matters. The Archprophet knows about Victit's problem, but does not acknowledge it publicly out of respect for him, and is sympathetic, as the Archprophet himself too has some problems and questioning of his own life. Gaius does not take Victit seriously, also tipped slightly off to the fact that his second personality exists, fearing it may be scaring him into making decisions. Timidis, being the High Prophet of Shattered Coast, has to deal with Victit and his bouts a lot, but is always there to help due to her nature. She is one of the few people he could call a friend, if he believed he deserved any. Locke, being the iron and silent gate, doesn't really care and instead keeps his best interests in Neverest. Allegor despises Victit without any rhyme or reason, and even without knowledge his decisions would be irrational at all due to his condition.


Victit is a man of two minds. Before his tides were to change, Victit was a lovable yet stern leader of men, who valued honor and valor above all else. And to this day he still does, yet he doesn't believe he has anything anymore. Victit had always had an inferiority complex, but never to the degree of what it is now. It is unknown what made Victit snap, but it is so deeply rooted into something that happened to him that he shut himself away for a long time.

Victit became convinced he was such a waste of life, presence, and existence that he could not cope healthily. Victit made himself believe he was lesser than every being in The Realm, that anything should be valued more than him. Constantly had Victit been told that he was a powerful, feared, respected, and exceptional leader, but he always believed they were just lies, worn like masks to his face to hide how people really felt. Victit trusted nothing. Victit still trusts nothing, not even the Veridicus meant to be "The Truthful" beneath him. Victit only believes in Panzer, but also that he could never be worthy enough to reach his grace and approval because that's just how lowly he viewed himself. He was certain he could never be happy. Victit locked himself away, and deprived himself of everything necessary to life for a long time. He lost connections, he lost his way, and he lost himself.

It was not too long before his second personality formed. It is the master personality, in that it keeps Victit in line, while bullying him into doing so. It developed to keep him alive, as Victit was inflicting nothing but harm to himself. If he was to survive, he needed a leg to stand on, which would too act as his sense of reason. This dominant personality never stopped though, and harasses the scared and hollow Victit into doing things he may not want to. His experiences here have made him question if all the death, pain, and anguish has all been for the best, but now his dominant side has forced him too deep in to turn back, saying that nothing done in the name of and for Panzer is the wrong decision. And so it guides him down a dark path from which it is almost certain he will never recover.


Victit is a large tank whose body color is similar to someone with a tan. From his sides extend two long quarter-circles whose rounded sides face away from his center, brown and almost leather looking in texture. He wears a loose helmet mostly bound in leather, with metal bolts extended from the side that allow movement of a visor plate that can be pulled down to protect his face. a large glowing orange V sigil extends from the front-center of his helmet and reach skyward even above his helmet, almost as horns. Similar glowing orange bands come around from the sides of his helmet to the front. The two solid blue eyes on his body are slightly different sizes, and ovular. They are not seen often during encounters with him as his helmet's metal visor is down.

On his right hand (left for the players) is a massive metallic gauntlet-like weapon. It has a faint orange tint to it and glows with power. It is very Dr. Lacus style in the metalwork and ends in a fist similar to that of Belisarius. This weapon, entitled the Phoenix Array, has multiple forms. Its hand part can be replaced, to look like the X-Bow, or many other weapons detailed throughout his battle. It is a masterpiece of weaponry entrusted to the mad High Prophet. No one knows if it comes from Lacus, but its design especially hints as to such. It is lost during the fight at the end of Phase 1.

In his right hand presides a long skewering like weapon. It is very spear like, but refined and perfect into the perfect jabbing weapon. The shaft of the weapon is long and made of metal, with leather wraps surrounding majority of it and coming off in short strands. It is very heavily designed and etched with patterns into it, including glowing orange runes similar to those on his helm and the gauntlet's soft aura. At its tip is a three-pointed curved spear blade, one of the blades, the left most, curved inward from the left and far longer than the other two. The other two blades, curve inward from the right, and are shorter than the prior and equal in length to each other. This makes it look like a small fire, with the way the blades curling as flames do. This setup allows it to impale, jab, slice, and tear away. The Valiance Skewer can strike with enough force to pierce metal plates, channel magical energy, and is overall a very flexible polearm that can do all sorts of things from a distance.

The Fight

Phase 1

Victit begins at the top of the battle room in his Cathedral, sitting in a throne made of sandstone and limestone formed out of the wall. Glowing golden runes are etched into it. He wears the Phoenix Array as a normal fist, with his Valiance Skewer leaning at the throne's left side. When his battle room is first entered, players will have 20 seconds before he downs his helmet and nods. Two Invulnerable Prophets come in on each side of the doors, and push them closed, before standing in front of them.

Victit will then pick up his Valiance Skewer and spin it in his hand like a whirlwind rapidly, stopping it suddenly with the spear points up. Then he will dash with a blur to the center of the room, speak his introductory quote. An orange bubble shield will appear over him, as four orange particle streams fire off in the cardinal directions from his body, with Valiance Artifacts being placed evenly spaced apart at the ends of these streams, before the particles vanish. He will then cackle crazily, as the battle begins.

Until the four Valiance Artifacts are destroyed, Victit cannot sustain damage, and any damage that would come to him instead makes the orange shield appear more solid for a second before going to half visibility, just as an effect to show the efforts are worth nothing. Valiance Artifacts look like large golden figurines of ancient tank soldiers with glowing blue eyes, almost small statues. Valiance Artifacts come in a few forms, but it is only aesthetic. Each Artifact has 3000 health, and does not attack. Instead Victit himself will try to turn those who dare strike the artifacts into mince meat.

Victit will initially be very aggressive, swinging his skewer around, and activating his Phoenix Array. After the first ten seconds of that, he will then begin selecting from the attack list below:

  • Phoenix Array: Will have his Phoenix Array switch to one of the various forms below and preform an action. Transforming the Phoenix Array takes about three seconds, but if he preforms the same attack multiple times, it does not have this delay. It should be noted that every time Victit preforms an attack not listed under Phoenix Array, it reverts to a normal hand-like gauntlet, without the time delay. It will take three seconds for it to become one of these weapons from that form though.
    • Phoenix Blast: The metal will glow a brighter orange as the end becomes a very large reinforced barrel. The barrel heats up (visible smoke emerging from it), before releasing a giant flaming phoenix-shaped Missile that is just an orange bullet surrounded in the effect. Only touching the shot does damage and the rest is just effects. This shot does high damage, pierces multiple targets, and sends Victit back a bit. Since the bullet is a Missile, it has a trail of smaller bullets that inflict Fatigued trailing behind.
    • Phoenix Bolt: The end of the array will change into a Tesla coil like extension, with red electricity crackling around it. After about two seconds of some rings charging and glowing red near the base of the array, a series of short ranged triple burst lasers will be fired out within a 180 degree radius in front of the weapon. These bolts are somewhat thick, and three are fired out randomly at a time, travelling 50 tiles. The bolts are released 2-6 times in quick succession, and Victit doesn't move or change the angle while they're being fired. They arent really lasers as much as it is lightning that acts like lasers. Touching one does moderate damage and inflicts Burning for 2 seconds.
    • Phoenix Blister: The end of the Array will become very Gunner-like, and will release four streams of shots. The two left most streams and two right most streams follow the same pattern as each other. The streams will be fired as to form a very wide alternating helix pattern over the course of a few seconds. The bullets travel fast and do low damage individually, but can add up due to their number.
    • Phoenix Scold: The end of the Array becomes a heavily reinforced spawner, which will then release bright orange Drones. These Drones travel quickly, and inflict Weakened to those they touch for 4 seconds. These Drones are rather hearty, and can sustain damage, but vanish after 20 seconds on their own. Victit cannot preform another attack with the Phoenix Array while drones are alive, so its best to let them live their lifetime unless seriously a threat.
    • Phoenix Encase: The end of the Array becomes a triple Launcher, with the two side Launchers tucked under on the sides of the larger main one. Three red circular outlines will appear on the ground over the course of two seconds. After, Victit will release a muffled laugh, and raise his Array skyward, releasing rings of Traps. About a second later, the Traps will land in rings on the outline. This can trap players inside, making them susceptible to attack by Victit, or create hazards to dodge on the map for those outside of it.
    • Phoenix Overheat: After five attacks using the Phoenix Array have been used above, the Phoenix Array overheats and cannot be used until five other attacks have been done without it. Once Victit has preformed five other attacks, it will release a large cloud of steam that inflicts Blinded for 3 seconds and Cursed for 8 seconds. As the Phoenix Array is used, it gets brighter and brighter orange, returning to its normal color after Phoenix Overheat is preformed.
  • Rotary Kebab: Will spin his Skewer in his hand like his intro animation. All players struck will be spun and sent flying with its rotation, and suffer damage.
  • Pry Apart: Will stick his Skewer into a horde of players with a lunge forward, before two long spikes rocket out from the sides of the spearhead, sending all players around it flying to the side of the spear they were on, dealing damage and inflicting Fatigued for 3.5 seconds.
  • Fatal Jab: His skewer will glow with red energy, before he strikes with intense speed and force in the direction of a player. If it connects, the player will be in Panic and Bleeding for 4 seconds. This strike on its own does critical damage, usually.
  • Impale: Will preform a strike similar to Fatal Jab, but instead the player caught will suffer less damage, and be pulled back toward him on the end of his spear. After the player is reeled in, impaled on the spikes, he will preform a spin similar to that of Rotary Kebab, sending the player flying. This does the bulk of the damage, and inflicts Bleeding and Paralyzed for 4 seconds. Victit generally will not target the player Impaled for a few seconds if he doesn't have to, as this is just a remove from the battle temporarily technique.
  • Breaking Point: When a Valiance Artifact is about to break, Victit will absorb its energy, as it crumbles. The orange mist-like energy will enter his Valiance Skewer, empowering attacks done by it and increasing their damage by 5% for each Artifact destroyed. This effect goes away at the end of Phase 1.

Phase 2

After all four Valiance Artifacts are destroyed, Victit's Phoenix Array will break away, cracking and falling into pieces, revealing his mangled and burnt left hand, as he expresses surprise. He will dash away toward his throne, raising his helmet visor, and watching. Victit will do a motion, before messing around and tweaking with his Valiance Skewer. His burnt hand will rest on the armrest, releasing a magical aura.

From the motion he did prior to this, two Prophets will run in from side doors along the back wall on each side of the door and begin cranking wheels on the sides of his throne. On each of the side walls, various turrets will appear. These are half-circles the color of the wall that emerge from it and have a singular barrel straight forward. As the Prophets crank the wheels, random turrets along the side walls will begin firing their Ballista arrows, which inflict Poisoned for 2 seconds and deal light damage. This phase is more about survival, as not much can be done except dodging the darts flying from the traps in the walls. This lasts about a minute, and when it ends, Victit will point his Skewer outward and send the Prophets to battle the players. Once both Prophets are killed, Victit will resume the fight.

Phase 3

Up to this point, Victit has not sustained any damage. He is still at his full energy. All 100% of his health pool MUST be diminished here, or else he will enter his death phase with more health, which is NOT wanted. He will begin by throwing out eight Valiance Artifacts in an octagonal shape. These do not make him invulnerable, but instead provide a different purpose. Each Artifact releases a short ring of eight bullets around it that vanish very close to it. Just DO NOT stand on or next to a Valiance Artifact and it can do no harm. Valiance Artifacts here have the same health as before, but this time destroying them is NOT encouraged.

Victit in this phase now relies on his weapon and magical energy instead of his technological Phoenix Array. Beside his eight Artifacts, there is no other hindrance. He will purely select from the attacks below, with one catch about the Valiance Artifacts.

An example of how Escape Blockers work. (Victit and Escape Blockers not to scale)

ALSO, under attacks there will be listed the use of "Escape Blockers". These are small, indestructible, spherical orbs that Victit throws sixteen out of in a ring around himself when initiating certain attacks. These Escape Blockers keep players close to him, and keep players too far from damaging him. They fire out pure rings of heavy damage, so running through them to get away from Victit during certain attacks is discouraged. Victit cannot use attacks that utilize Escape Blockers twice in a row. He has to use at least one without them between.

  • Rotary Kebab Deux: Will spin his Skewer in his hand like his intro animation. All players struck will be spun and sent flying with its rotation, and suffer damage. He will then throw it into his other hand and preform it a second time on his other side.
  • Pry Apart Deux: Will stick his Skewer into a horde of players with a lunge forward, before two long spikes rocket out from the sides of the spearhead, sending all players around it flying to the side of the spear they were on, dealing damage and inflicting Fatigued for 3.5 seconds. After this, he will spin a full 360 spin with the force of a hammer, and inflict Stunned for 4 seconds to those hit while pushing them around with the rotation.
  • Fatal Jab Deux: His skewer will glow with red energy, before he strikes with intense speed and force in the direction of a player. If it connects, the player will be in Panic and Bleeding for 6 seconds. This strike on its own does critical damage, usually.
  • Impale Deux: Will preform a strike similar to Fatal Jab, but instead the player caught will suffer less damage, and be pulled back toward him on the end of his spear. After the player is reeled in, impaled on the spikes, he will preform a spin similar to that of Rotary Kebab, sending the player flying. This does the bulk of the damage, and inflicts Bleeding and Paralyzed for 6 seconds. Victit generally will not target the player Impaled for a few seconds if he doesn't have to, as this is just a remove from the battle temporarily technique.

An example of Ashen Core's attack pattern, if a bit different here. The bursts would probably be thinner and fired a bit slower to make weaving to the spaces between them easier.

  • Ashen Core: Will stand still and raise his burnt hand as he releases sixteen Escape Blockers. Next, three bursts of evenly spaced energy will fire outward slowly, before boomeranging back in. Three more bursts of evenly spaced energy will be fired out, but in the spaces that it wasn't before. This series of two bursts can occur three to five times. All fired shots pierce multiple targets, and boomerang, so they can deal damage on the way there and back (but not twice on the way there OR back, only once each). These shots travel to the edge of the Escape Blocker rings before returning. Players outside of the Escape Blockers will be too far to damage Victit, and players within must dodge his Ashen Core blasts. After it ends, the Escape Blockers will clear.
  • Cluster Burst: Will stand still and release his Escape Blockers. He will then release a ring of black shots that do little damage, pierce multiple targets, and inflict Panic and Fatigued for 10 seconds. Next, Victit will begin throwing out multiple orange particle streams that when they land deal heavy damage in a large area. Four to six of these will be thrown out at once around the ring the players are trapped in at once. This attack lasts 10 seconds. After it ends, the Escape Blockers will clear.
  • Fire Romp: Will throw his Valiance Skewer into the air and off screen. He will then begin releasing alternating blast of explosive fireballs from his hand quickly. Four seconds later, his Skewer will fall, and he will catch it. The fireballs are fired once every 0.5 seconds, and are quite large. They in it of themselves don't do much damage, but if they hit something they will explode and deal area damage, as well as inflict Burning for 3 seconds.
  • Reincarnation Flames: Will raise one of his arms as it glows and shakes, a wave of fire travelling in a straight line in front of him, dealing damage and pushing back players caught by the spreading wave of fire. This also inflicts Unfocused for 2.5 seconds.
  • Absorb Artifact: Every eight attacks preformed by Victit, he will go Invulnerable, run over to the closest Artifact, and absorb its energy, killing it, and increasing all damage he deals by 3%. When absorbing an artifact, it will release a ring of fast moving orange shots that inflict Stunned for 5 seconds before vanishing.

If all eight Artifacts are destroyed either by Victit or the incompetent players, he will enter his Death Phase, regardless of his actual health. (This is a bad thing, as it is crazy).

Death Phase

Either at 5% health, or when all Valiance Artifacts are destroyed, Victit will enter his death phase. To begin, he will move to the center of the room, and throw out his Escape Blockers. The Prophets from the door will enter the battle as well, within the ring of Escape Blockers.

Victit will preform the actions below on a cycle until death, increasing in speed and intensity. This phase will be dramatically easier the earlier he is killed, as his damage can be increased by a total of 24% if he entered this phase through artifact destruction. Not to mention the extra health he will have from having not entered by normal means.

  • Pull all players outside of the Escape Blocker ring in with a fiery vortex that pulls players drastically. Players pulled in will be given Invulnerable for a few seconds as to not be dragged into death by the Escape Blockers. This is preformed only once at the start.
  • Will fire out three rings of unavoidable shots that do no damage but inflict Fatigued and Weakened for 8 seconds.
  • Throw out numerous series of bombs like in Cluster Burst.
  • Will fire off Ashen Core blasts at increasing frequencies, and different lengths of waves. The shorter the waves, the more of them there can be.
  • Will fire out another unavoidable ring of shots that do no damage but inflict Cursed and Panic for 20 seconds.
  • A portion of the ring will flash red, before he rapidly swings his Skewer there, doing heavy damage and risking sending players into the Escape Blockers. This will occur numerous times in different patterns.
  • Will raise his hand, and then rapidly lower it, sending a thick laser beam that deals constant damage regardless of armor in that direction. Will occur numerous times. Will sometimes make the lasers sweep in short angles.
  • Following those lasers, he will spin slowly in a full clockwise 360 while firing a beam from his hand, and then rotate counter-clockwise while firing it.
  • The pattern will then repeat from after the fiery vortex until death.

Upon reaching zero health, Victit's Escape Blockers will each explode into a burst of four evenly spaced shots. These do little damage and are no real threat. He will stab his Skewer into the ground and lean on it, pressing on it further, as cracks begin forming in the floor where it is jabbed. These cracks will spread up the wall, as the spear breaks, and a portion of the ceiling caves in on him. Victit will remain weak and trapped under the wreckage, Invincible, alive, but incapacitated.


Coming soon...


  • Second of the High Prophet pages to be created, following Allegor.
  • The idea for him stemmed from a discussion about Polygon Paramarchs in Discord. Graviatar believed one of Diepmon's concepts was four minds in one body, when it really was one mind spread across four bodies. I took the former and created Victit, who only has two.
  • Victit Values Valor (VVV).
  • The V on his helmet is assumed to stand for Victit, though he insists it represents victory and valor.
  • Victit's hand is burnt because of the use of the very hot Phoenix Array. After a while its nerves just kind of died and the pain became null.
  • Victit can enter his death phase at full health. Since he cannot take damage until Phase 3, he will have full health at its start. If he is not damaged and players destroy the Valiance Artifacts, he will go straight into the death phase with 22000+ health ("+" due to Health Scaling) and a 24% damage boost.
    • This will actually reward an achievement, surviving and defeating Victit when he enters his death phase at above 75% health.
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