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The Vindicator is one of the Level 45 upgrades of the Punisher. This makes it a member of the massive Lancer branch. Created by Zathsu.


The Vindicator has one of the longest lances of any of the Lancer branch. Has the same spinny thing as a Spike instead of a Smasher. There is a small gray circle sticking out of the back of the tank. There is nothing on top of it unlike the other upgrades.


  • Like the Punisher, does not have the charge ability of most of the Lancer branch, instead having a higher regular move speed.
  • Vindicator has the fastest increasing damage of the branch. It will reach max DPS in 3.3 seconds.
  • The Vindicator actually plays a valuable role in team modes. It does even more damage to the killer of a team mate, and when a team mate dies on screen, it becomes enraged. Symptoms of revenge include:
    • Faster movement speed.
    • Even faster damage acceleration.
    • Increase in size by 30%.
    • 20% larger FoV.
    • Slightly blurry screen.
  • Rage still triggers in non-team modes, but requires your tank to be at near death. This will also happen in team modes, at near death. This makes Vindicators pretty hard to kill.


  • One of the more team based Lancers, other than maybe the Injector and its upgrades.
  • Vindicator actually derives from Latin, but unlike most of my conceptions, this is actually coincidence. It basically means to avenge and get revenge.
    • I actually took the name from the game Ratchet: Deadlocked. Its one of the later ranks you earn in the game.
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