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The Vulcan is a Tier 4 tank that upgrades from the Gunner in the Tale of Diep. Idea by Diepmon.


EToD Vulcan Firing

The Vulcan firing, with minimum reload (top) and maximum reload (bottom). The heated barrel is aesthetic.

The Vulcan has a circular body like most other tanks, and has five overlapping barrels of the same length bound together by a rectangle near the far end, and a rectangular base connected to the tank itself.


The Vulcan is designed as a high ROF tank alternative to the Auto Gunner. When firing, the bullets are fired in a sine wave pattern, but each crest is very close to the ones before it and after it. This tank really has 8 barrels, including those visible. The other three barrels are hidden below the visible barrels. The bullets fired are slightly smaller than that of an Auto Gunner's. When firing, the barrels move to the right of the tank and appear on the left of the tank again to give the appearance that the barrel is rotating quickly. A max reload Vulcan has slightly more bullets than the Auto Gunner, since each barrel fires every 0.9 seconds (almost 9 bullets per second.) Base reload is 1.6 seconds, so there is a bullet every 0.2 seconds (5 bullets per second.) Each point of reload decreases each barrel's reload by 0.1 seconds, unlike other tanks where reload works differently. The Vulcan can either fire continuously or in short bursts.


Strong Against: Smasher branch, almost the entire Lancer branch, pretty much any tank that is used to ram, including ram Destroyer branch and Boosters, low ROF tanks, Auto-type tanks, tanks with a high spread of bullets, and tanks possessing low reload

Weak Against: Drone tanks, Fast tanks, high ROF tanks with focused fire, Sniper branch, bullet spammers, tanks with high penetration and bullet speed, surprise rammers and Destroyer branch tanks from the back if unprepared, multiple tanks

As The Vulcan

  • It is recommended to put only 5-6 points into reload, as an additional point or two really doesn't make much of a difference.
  • Chase down tanks by shooting in front of them while they are moving. Since its bullets are smaller than that of the Gunner's but still possess the exact same properties, it is harder to hit tanks but with a high enough reload, hitting a target is on about the exact same difficulty as with other bullet spammers.
  • Playing this tank is very similar to playing with other focus-fire tanks, so watch for drones and high damage/penetration bullets coming from the back. Overlords shouldn't be shredding the player into tank spaghetti.
  • Like the Gunner, this tank's bullets have even more of a "ghosting" ability, as they can easily evade larger bullets because the Vulcan's bullets are so small.
    • However, since the bullets are so small and the Gunner branch has the lowest base bullet damage and penetration in the game, this makes defending against Destroyer branch tanks difficult without adequate movement speed. This goes the same way with Sniper-type tanks.
  • To counter rammers, players should focus their fire on said rammers and don't relent until they give up.

Against The Vulcan

  • Using a drone tank and ambushing the Vulcan from the back is a very effective way to defeat it. Alternatively, you can go from the sides or even the front, it is really just recommended to stay away from its bullets.
  • Sniper-type tanks, especially Predator and Ranger, can easily pick off this tank because its tiny bullets can do almost nothing to their high-speed bullets.
  • Destroyer branch tanks can catch this tank by surprise, but again watch out for the insane bullet spray if you get too close.
  • Rammers should generally stay away and wait until the Vulcan is distracted. Alternatively, more than one rammer can overwhelm a lone Vulcan.
  • Being a Gunner branch tank, it possesses many of the similar strengths and counters like the other tanks in its branch, so fight it as you would a Streamliner/Gunner combination.


  • My favorite tank.
  • Was finally acknowledged as part of the Tale of Diep as one of Belisarius's weapons.
    • Now it is also officially one of Septaur's weapons.
  • Was originally intended to have an overheat nerf, but was scrapped.
  • Currently an beta tester tank with very similar mechanics that upgrades from the Minigun.
  • FTB code (thanks to Tacocat for this:)
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