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Wallflower is a Realm Boss that spawns in Vallard Wastes. It is a large Wall Crawler that combines the aspects from their three variations into one boss, with a few more twists. This boss only spawns at the end of Wall Crawler Dens, naturally occurring setpieces in Vallard Wastes, mostly near its center in the more mountainous land around Mt. Vallard. These Dens are most commonly found in the Veins of Vallard, a subterranean area accessible from the surface in the area.


Wallflower is made of two large pale gray circles, or at least whats exposed of it. The head/upper body is connected to the front of the larger back body piece. Most of the creature is covered in a layer of fuzzy brownish green spider hair. Four large spider legs made of two long thin conjoined barrels each on its back body piece allow it to move along the back wall of the cavern, where it will stay the entire battle. On its head are three large different colored eyes. One black, one white, and one red. The red one is in the center, with the black and white ones on the side. Very rarely will all three eyes be their color though, as the other two eyes close while one is being used. The eyes while open glow very brightly, and release a mist into the air of their corresponding color, so to not look boring.

The Fight


The Wallflower spawns in setpieces known as Wall Crawler Dens. These can either spawn in surface caves embedded into the sides of mountains, or branch off from tunnels in the Veins of Vallard beneath the surface. The entrance of Wall Crawler Dens is always blocked by a wall of stalagmites with a shared health pool of 400. When broken, the message "Terror locks you up within..." is broadcast to all players in a small area around the stalagmite, notifying people that a Wall Crawler Den is nearby.

Wall Crawler Dens usually have a four to six rooms before reaching the arena with the Wallflower. These rooms are usually square shaped, with Wall Crawlers walking along them. Wall Crawler types are detailed under the Mutant Wildlife section of the Vallard Wastes portion of the Realm Enemies page. Two to three rooms in, depending on how many are before the boss, a second stalagmite wall with 400 health will block passage to the next room. In order to destroy it, all Wall Crawlers from the previous rooms must be killed first. Upon breaking the wall, a second message "Many eyes stare at you from the walls..." will be broadcast to those within the Wall Crawler Den.

There will be another two to three rooms before a third stalagmite wall, which beyond it is the boss room with the Wallflower. As before, all enemies in the previous rooms must be cleared before its 400 health pool can be brought down and the wall can be destroyed. Once at least half of the players within the Den enter the boss room, the message "The Wallflower has awoken..." will be sent. It will then slam one of its legs into the wall, causing two Stalactites to fall from the ceiling, blocking the exit.


The Wallflower has three different sets of attack types, related to the current Wall Crawler eye type its mimicking. This is indicated by which eye it has opened, and the stance it takes using its hind legs. When one eye is opened, the other are two are closed. The currently open eye is the only part of the Wallflower that can be damaged, and each has its own health pool. Any other portion its body being hit will either do nothing, or deflect the projectile back at the target. Melee classes such as Lancer are not effected by this, and are instead bounced back a bit on contact, with neither sustaining damage. The Wallflower will rotate eye types every five attacks done with an eye. The eye it begins with is random, but the next eye will always be the next one in the pattern. When an eye is destroyed, it will no longer be used, stays closed, and the other two eyes will gain additional attacks.

Throughout the entire battle, the Wallflower is moving along the back wall at its own accord.

Black Eye

  • Ocular Storm: Four streams of black bullets will be fired within a sixty degree angle, and begin rapidly moving back and forth within 4 seconds. These do moderate damage quickly, and inflict Panic for 4 seconds.
  • Flurry Shot: Will quickly release a large gray shot forward that stops halfway through the arena, and releases a storm of smaller shots in all directions, which slowly pick up speed as they travel until hitting the wall. The main shot does massive damage, but moves slow. The smaller shots all inflict Fatigued for 6.3 seconds.
  • Web Snap: Will roar, as from its back body portion, a white shot will be fired at the closest player. Upon contact with the player/the targeted area around them, a white web pattern will appear on the floor. Standing on this inflicts Slowed and does light damage every second. This web persists for 10 seconds, and covers quite the area. Can be used one to two more times in quick succession without counting as additional attacks to the eye change counter.
  • Web Grapple: From its back body section, a line of white will shoot out and connect to the closest player, as they are pulled toward the Wallflower's head. The rope of web will disconnect when they are right in front of the Wallflower, where it will attempt to snap them with the mandibles on its face. This does heavy damage, and sends the player back a bit. Despite how it seems, this can be avoided.
  • Black Hail (Only Used After Red Eye Is Destroyed): Multiple targets will dot the map, as from the Wallflower's eye, streams of black shots will fire to those locations simultaneously. Once the final flashing shot of each eight bullet string hits, a large area around the target will be affected by a moderate damage AoE.
  • Web Dance (Only Used After White Eye Is Destroyed): Multiple white strings from the back of the Wallflower will fire from it into the back wall, separating the arena into fifths. It will then begin releasing a half circle from its eye of bright green shots that inflict Burning for 3 seconds and wiggle back and forth a bit as they travel ahead. Attempting to pass through the web strings or walking into them will inflict Paralyzed until they vanish at the end of the attack.

Red Eye

  • Mega Beam: Will move along the wall at a much quicker pace as a giant red beam is fired from its eye. Moving with and keeping track of the Wallflower's movements and placing yourself accordingly is required to dodge the large, heavy damage beam, which persists for 1.5 seconds as it moves.
  • Refractive Fury: Two thin beams will be fired forty degrees apart in front of the Wallflower, reflecting off of the walls three times quickly. There will be a 1.5 second window where a thin red line will mark where the beams angles are, allowing players to place themselves in such a way as to not be hit by the lasers. Unlike Mega Beam, the Wallflower will stay stationary as to not change the angles.
  • Crawling Depths: Will roar, as two random Wall Crawler variants will spawn along each of the side walls. These persist until they die, and will build up on subsequent uses of Crawling Depths if not taken care of.
  • Night Flare: Its eye will flash and spin with black particles, as a spreading beam of black light is fired ahead, inflicting Blinded and Stunned to all affected for 4 seconds. This does no damage, but can effect players greatly depending on the next attack.
  • Devour (Only Used After Black Eye Is Destroyed): Will reel in a Wall Crawler with a web string (regardless of if a Wall Crawler is alive due to Crawling Depths or not), and consume it. All eyes, if they have been damaged, will restore 200 health each.
  • Ray of Desolation (Only Used After White Eye Is Destroyed): Its eye will flash rainbow colors for six seconds, while it goes Armored. After the charge is complete, a mega laser of rainbow color will sweep the arena randomly back and forth rapidly, doing massive damage, but also giving the Wallflower Broken for 9 seconds.

White Eye

  • Hollow Bolts: From its mouth will be released a series of green liquidy shots called Hollow Ooze, which deal moderate damage and inflict Cursed and Dazed for 2.4 seconds. Anywhere from 5-10 of these shots will be fired at 1.1 second intervals at the closest player.
  • Earth Slam: Will smash one of its legs into the floor, causing a wave of stalagmites to rise up from the impact site to the back wall. These do damage, and act like the stalagmite walls players had to bust through to enter the Den and battle room. These ones however, have 100 health, and will also fall back into the ground after 10 seconds.
  • Hollow Pool: Will release a hissing roar, as around it, many of the tiles will become Hollow Ooze. Players cannot get too close or be inflicted with Dazed and Cursed while standing in the Hollow Ooze. The Ooze will fade away after 12 seconds.
  • Bloodcurdling Screech: Will release a loud screech, as multiple white bullets in the form of sound waves fire from its head that can be dodged, and pierce multiple players. Being hit by these sound waves does light damage, and inflicts Stunned for 3 seconds.
  • Rock Swing (Only Used After Black Eye Is Destroyed): Will reach and grapple something off screen with a white web string, and pulls a massive brown rock in, throwing it to a targeted location on the ground. On impact, this does area damage to the sight and releases brown rocky bullets in all directions that do lighter damage.
  • Petrification Beam (Only Used After Red Eye Is Destroyed): Will slowly charge up a bright green effect in its eye, that after 2 seconds will release a thin beam into the closest player that over the course of 3 seconds, petrifies them with Paralyzed, Stunned, and Invincible for 20 seconds, removing them from the fight.


  • Used to be a member of the now dissolved Guardian Boss tier.
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