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Warden is one of the upgrades to the Punisher, upgraded to at Level 45. It is a member of the massive Lancer branch. Created by Zathsu.


The Warden looks like Punisher, but there is a shorter second lance on the back. Instead of one Smasher hexagon, it has two rotating in opposite directions like a Landmine. The random barrel-less Auto Turret on top is removed, and is instead replaced with an actual Auto Turret.


  • Like the Punisher, does have not have the charge ability most Lancer upgrades do.
  • Has an even higher movement speed than the Punisher.
  • Damage still escalates as time attacking the same target goes on, but a lot slower. Has a higher starting damage though.
  • Right-clicking will make the Warden rotate very fast for a short while, making it act kind of like a buzzsaw.
    • Because it doesn't last long and the blades constantly move, the damage does not escalate.
    • The lances pass through tanks during this ability but still deal damage all the same.
    • Damage is actually way lower than its regular damage because of its area effect.
  • Auto Turret works the same as any other Auto Turret.


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