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Tale of Diep (ToD) is no longer under active development as a derivative of Diep.io and remains here as an archive, though spin-offs such as The Extended Tale of Diep remain active. For info on the successor to Tale of Diep, now an independent work called "A Tale Where Nothing Matters", visit its Discord server here.

What often leads the way for the influence is a vessel that many have claimed it as the Warship. Its true name is unheard of, even she wouldn't dare to mention to us. The Tank Empire is facing more threats form the Polygon Mother with these new enemies she have summoned for the Polygons. The Warship is a symbol of domination for the polygons; a being solely created to conquer outcast realms which the tanks have little to no control. And it does not fight alone...


The Warship is a polygon boss that has an uncommon chance of spawning in The Realm. It is the boss version of the Disrupter Crasher. It shares similarity to the Battle Carrier in which it can spawn many minions on its own. This boss will always spawn with three Royal Trapezoid Nest Defenders and 15 Shield-Runner Crashers, which can be resummoned by the Warship after 10 of them were killed.



The Profile

The Warship has the same shape of a Disrupter, but much larger. Five Battleship drone spawners are placed in a slight arc in the direct front of this boss. A minion spawner very much in the same design as the Battle Carrier is placed in the middle concave side of the body. It is around 1.5x the length of an Alpha Pentagon.





Boss Stats

The Warship has 8,200 health, however damage received from enemy ammunition will be reduced by 66%, which makes it the most resistant polygon boss, thus making this fight very, very long... The Warship will regenerate 5 HP per second, if left unharmed for one minute, regeneration boosts 200% faster. It deals 55 HP of body damage per hit. It is the second slowest boss, only moving 1/3 the speed of the Guardian. The Warship will reward 85,000 EXP and points when destroyed, any player that dealt 8% of the boss's health will receive 13,500 EXP. This boss will not be knocked back easily, only the strongest of bullets can only push it slightly.


The front spawners create tiny drones very much like the ones created by the Battleship tank class. Like the tank class, the spawners do not have a max drone count, but the drones have only an eight second lifespan. The spawners create one drone for every 0.3 seconds. The drones move 25% faster than small Pink Crashers. Each drone has 8 HP and will deal 8 HP of body damage per hit. The drones are the same color as the body. Each drone has a visibility range of 20 tiles, but they will keep on moving regardless of target, again much like the Battleship tank class.

Minion Spawner

The Warship will produce several types of minions to defend itself against attackers. There are five kinds of minions, one of them are a normal crasher variant. The minion spawner will create one every 4 seconds, and there is a max of 24 minions. These minions except for one of them are not classified as Nest Defenders. All minions will follow the boss when spawned.

Minion Variants

There are five different kind of minions this boss can create, here's a brief summary of each one. It's recommended to see the Polygons Page to get a good idea what the stats for each minion is like.

Splitter Hexagons

Hexagons that when shot enough times will break it apart into two trapezoids and a small chance to spawn an additional heptagon nest crasher type. They act much like normal polygons except that they will follow the Warship as soon as they are spawned, they do not target enemies. Splitter Hexagons have 200 HP, they deal 2 HP of body damage per hit. These Splitter Hexagons do not reward EXP.

The trapezoids created by the Splitter Hexagon act much like crashers, but 20% slower and a bit more stronger. Trapezoids have 80 HP, will deal 10 HP of body damage per hit. Trapezoids spawned by the Warship will not reward EXP.

Shield Runners

Groupers with a trapezoid attached near the front, they will charge into the target and will "bump" it backward. They can also be used to block streams of bullets. These guys can be annoying to some classes, unless they have strong enough bullets to crush the minion. The trapezoid will reflect bullets back, turning them yellow and will deal damage to the tanks that fired at it, though the trapezoid will take 1/2 damage from the bullets. They can not reflect drones, large bullets, or traps. The shield trapezoid have 230 HP, it regenerates 20 HP per second. It will deal 8 HP of body damage per hit and will knock back enemies further than usual. The Grouper holding the shield is much more vulnerable and thus necessary to be killed. If the Grouper is killed while holding the shield, both entities will die. If the shield is broken but the Grouper remains, the crasher variant will behave like a normal Grouper would be.

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