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The Winged Hussar is a Tier 4 tank that upgrades from the Lancer at Level 45. Since the Lancer is only Tier 2, it's like the jump from Machine Gun to Sprayer. Created by Zathsu. Art by The Tidal Wave.


The Winged Hussar looks like a Lancer, but the lance is on a Ranger barrel trapezoid. Two wings are coming out of the back and there is a Machine Gun between them. Two barrels come out of the side like a Fighter. The tank itself has a helmet like that of The Tres Geminos, except this rotates with the direction of the lance.

Winged hussar

Another image of the Winged Hussar, this one with the helmet.


  • Like all previous iterations, the Winged Hussar can charge by right-clicking. Left clicking fires the Machine Gun.
  • Entities touched by the lance suffer more damage than if they hit your body.
  • As the Winged Hussar charges, it picks up speed. Once it has been charging for six seconds, it will hit maximum speed and its next strike will do double damage.
    • When this strike hits, the Winged Hussar will be bounced back a bit as to not suffer massive Body Damage from hitting an Alpha Pentagon or Boss.
  • Charging has no time limit. Holding down both left and right buttons on the mouse together will give you the highest speed in the game.
    • This makes the Winged Hussar PHENOMENAL for racing Overdrive.
  • When the Winged Hussar dies, the lance will break off and stick around for a few seconds to deal damage if the attacker hits it. After that, it will vanish.


  • The Winged Hussar is based on a Polish heavy infantry soldier in history, also called the Winged Hussar. They were Poland's elite, and wore giant wings as they rode on horseback. Many say the clattering of the wings made the army sound a lot larger than it actually was.
  • Even more so than the above Trivia, the reason I made this was because of the song 'Winged Hussars' by Sabaton, which details when the Winged Hussars came to the defense of Vienna in 1683, and drove the Ottoman Empire away. The main line which became a meme is: "AND THEN THE WINGED HUSSARS ARRIVED!"
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