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The Witch Doctor is one of the three upgrades selectable from the Mage at Level 30, and one of the two upgrades selectable from the Shaman at Level 30. Created by Zathsu.


The Witch Doctor is an upside-down pentagon (the point faces in the direction you're moving). It has two horns that go up and curve down on its back side (one goes down the left, one goes down the right), purely for effect. There is a barrel that extends from the front of the point, and has a rounded end instead of a rectangular one.


  • The Witch Doctor fires 'darts' like the Shaman. But also has a magical effect like the Mage, giving reason for it to upgrade from both.
    • Darts inflict the Poisoned Debuff, much like the Shaman. Has a faster rate of fire than the previously mentioned upgrade, but has a slightly lower penetration.
    • The Witch Doctor also has an 'aura' around it that enemy players DO NOT want to step in to. It can inflict any Debuff in the game every 3 seconds onto those who sit in it. Debuffs inflicted by the Witch Doctor last as long as you are in the aura + 2 seconds after you've escaped.


This will be loosely done, as strategy isn't really necessary on any of these pages. You just want to keep tanks inside your aura, so a few points in Movement Speed wouldn't be terrible.

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