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Writhe is a Realm Boss that spawns in the Desolate Plains. It can only emerge from Portals, which has a very small chance of happening every time an enemy is spawned from one. This can only happen after the first in-game Month of Panzer event ends.

Writhe is one of the Tank Empire soldiers who entered The Void when the Archprophet first attempted to release Panzer. Unlike the others, he didn't escape the same... The old god toyed with both his mind and physical form, pulling him back into the blackness before he could escape. And now, nicknamed as the Writhe by those who escaped, this deformed soldier now haunts the minds of many when thinking of the unspeakable horrors that can occur to those who enter The Void...


Writhe is a giant melting Booster made of black goo that very vaguely has the particles of the Glimpse of Panzer swirling around it. It is made up of the same matter as The Void, the black endlessness that the Avatar of Panzer resides in at the endgame.


Writhe is not too complex. It will spawn at the location of the Portal that triggered its spawning initially, launching out in a random direction incredibly quickly, and leaving a trail of black and white goo that inflicts Stunned and Confused for 4 seconds. Eight white Destroyer shots are also fired out in a spread from the Portal in the direction that Writhe entered from, moving slightly faster than it. These bullets inflict Panic for 7 seconds!

Writhe will then begin chasing down players, as the Portal that spawned it closes. Rushing at players at the speed of a Fallen Booster, Writhe has some other tricks up its sleeve. The same black hands with white outlines that extend from the edges of the screen in The Void, will begin stretching from its body in all directions, reaching out and grabbing Polygons, absorbing them into its body as it heals for their score times three. If Writhe would go over max health because he grabbed a Polygon that would carry it over the cap, he will max at 22,000.

These hands move at the speed of a charging Tear of Panzer (meaning they are very fast), but the hands can be fended off by firing at them. Hands can reach out a maximum of 50 tiles, with wiggling and zagging arms. It can have a maximum of ten arms stretching from all around its body. On top of healing, every time a Polygon is absorbed, a Tear of Panzer is shot out from the body.

Shots fired from both the front and back cannons of the Writhe inflict Cursed for 6 seconds, and deal moderate damage. The Writhe has a fire rate of 1.1 seconds, so continually getting hit means becoming Cursed in perpetuity. Writhe moves, while firing, at the exact speed of a Fallen Booster, occasionally doing a short jet burst and doubling its speed for about a second. As Writhe moves, it leaves a trail of black and white goo tiles behind it, which inflict Stunned and Confused for 4 seconds.

Any Polygons that the Writhe touches but does not consume becomes creamy white with a black outline, and will melt into goo tiles when destroyed. This is similar to their role in The Void, but with a different color scheme. Upon death, the Writhe bursts into a puddle of black and white goo tiles, which then get sucked into a Portal-like entity that appears not too far away, followed by the portal vanishing with a finger snap sound.

Other than this, the Writhe is very simple. Its essentially a stronger Fallen Booster with a healing mechanic that leaves a trail of goo tiles and summons some minions.


  • The boss theme was created first.
  • Was original a member of the dissolved Guardian Boss category.
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