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|image = <gallery>
Tank_2.svg|New Colors
Tank_1.svg|Old Colors
|tier = 1
|next = [[Twin]]<br/>[[Sniper]]<br/>[[Machine Gun]]<br/>[[Flank Guard]]<br/>[[Smasher]]<ref name="tank2">Tank may upgrade to Smasher at Level 30</ref>
|previous = None<ref name="tank1">All players will start with this tank.</ref>
|barrel = [[Cannons]] (1)
|id = 1
{{About|the original [[]] starter {{PAGENAME}}|the {{2|}} equivalent|{{2|Basic|f}}}}
The {{PA}}, usually called the <b>Basic Tank</b>, is the first variation of the tanks that the player can upgrade to once they spawn. It is equipped with one [[Cannons|Cannon]] which shoots one [[Bullets|Bullet]] at a time in a straight path, with slight recoil. At [[Levels|Level]] 1, with no [[upgrades]], it has 50 [[Stats|HP]].
At Level 15, four upgrade choices will be given to the player: The [[Twin]], [[Sniper]], [[Machine Gun]] and [[Flank Guard]]. At Level 30, the choice for the [[Smasher]] upgrade will be available. Level 30 and 45 will once again prompt the player with options of other “sub-categories” of [[tanks]]. For information on these other tanks, go to the [[Tiers]] page.
== Design ==
[[File:Tank_Screenshot1.svg|thumb|131x131px|Level 45 Basic Tanks with the new color scheme.]]
The Tank features a simple circular body with one light gray Cannon placed in the front. The body can be either <span style="color:#00CCEE;">blue</span> or <span style="color:#FF2222;">red</span> (In [[4 Teams]] and [[Tag]], it can also be <span style="color:#2EEA17;">green</span> or <span style="color:#A817EA;">purple</span>), depending on the tank’s team (In [[Free For All|FFA]] and [[Maze]], each player's tank is blue and all other (hostile) tanks are red.
== Strategy ==
*<b>Strong Against:</b> Low upgraded tanks, (as the tank levels up, the list grows exponentially due to the high bullet stats)
*<b>Weak Against:</b> Bullet Spammers, [[Overlord]]s, highly upgraded tanks, high-level tanks, Bosses. 
=== As the Tank ===
*Upon starting the game, it is advised for players to attempt to find and kill any [[Pentagon]]s near their spawn point because Pentagons are most effective and critical for leveling up. If there are none close by, it is best to attempt to destroy any nearby [[Square]]s or [[Triangle]]s instead. Though strategies differ between players, it is often advisable for novices to upgrade Max Health and Health Regeneration once or twice.
*While playing 2 Teams or 4 Teams, players should stay near to the [[Base]] and take out [[Polygons]] nearby when they are at a lower level. If the enemy team’s players are taking up most of the [[Leaderboard]] and/or are spawn-camping the player’s team, they should consider going to a different area of the spawn camp. Again, it is advisable for players to upgrade Max Health or Movement Speed.
*As a low-level tank with maxed out Max Health and Body Damage, players can surprise Bullet build players by making themselves seem harmless. This is a good way to quickly reach Smasher.
*As much as possible, players need to stay away from others in non-team game modes. It is not advisable for players to fight others until they reach a higher level.
*As the player reaches higher levels (Level 30 - 45) this tank becomes quite powerful, with its Bullet Damage and Penetration becoming very effective against all tanks. High bullet stats have enabled many players to reach high scores despite never upgrading.
=== Against the Tank ===
*Bullet spammers can easily overwhelm the tank if they have enough Bullet Penetration because the Tank has only one cannon. If a player’s strategy is to wander around getting points mainly by killing all the Tanks they see, becoming a [[Triplet]] or a [[Penta Shot]] could help them.
*A common strategy is spawn-camping when players will aim to find and kill tanks that have just spawned. This works very well with Sniper-class tanks due to their high FOV. If the player chooses to use this strategy in 2 Teams or 4 Teams they should upgrade Movement Speed and be ready to run away from Protectors at a moment's notice.
*An Overlord could flank a Tank. It is still appropriate to attack it from the front since the Tank doesn't have enough reload to destroy them all. But be careful, because a Tank with almost and/or fully maxed out Movement Speed may easily run away from them.
*Beware of surprise rammers; players occasionally level up but choose to stay as a tank and can quickly upgrade and surprise their opponent. The player may be able to spot one if the enemy Tank is trying to get too close to them. When this happens, the player must kill them as quickly as possible.
== [[Achievements]] ==
{{SideBox|*<b>There are other classes?</b> — Get to level 45 as a basic tank
|Color = #9AFA69
|Name = There are other classes?
|Description = Get to level 45 as a Basic Tank}}
== Trivia ==
[[File:Tank Screenshot4.svg|thumb|220x220px|Body ratio comparison between [[Levels|level]] 45 and 1 tanks. Notice that size increases by about 50%.]]
*Upon spawning, the Tank will spin briefly.
*Oddly, the Tank’s Bullets are actually the sixth most powerful in the game, tied with the Flank Guard, only under the Skimmer, Rocketeer, [[Destroyer]], [[Annihilator]], and [[Hybrid|Hybrid’s]] bullets.
*The Tank is the only Tier 1 Tank in the game.
*The Tank is one of two Classes that has an upgrade directly branching from it that is two tiers higher than itself, the Smasher (Tier 3). The other tank with this quality is the Machine Gun, branching to the [[Sprayer]] (Tier 4).
*This Tank, along with the Twin, Triplet, [[Triple Shot]], [[Quad Tank]] and [[Octo Tank]], were the first tanks ever added to the game (before its public release).
== Gallery ==
Tank_Screenshot2.svg|Tank’s anatomy.
Tank_final icon2.png|Tank’s upgrade icon.
== Footnotes ==
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