Use this template to create a small, linked Era Icon which is placed in the top right of the page header by local JavaScript. Please only add icons where appropriate, & do not add accolade icons to conceptions or articles which have not earned such awards.



List of available icons

Conception Tournament Winners

  • {{Icon|f-tanks}}
  • {{Icon|f-sboss}}
  • {{Icon|f-cboss}}
  • {{Icon|f-enemies}}
  • {{Icon|f-polygons}}
  • {{Icon|f-modes}}
  • {{Icon|f-mechanics}}
  • {{Icon|f-other}}
  • FCT.AwardTank
  • FCT.AwardSimpleBoss
  • FCT.AwardComplexBoss
  • FCT.AwardEnemy
  • FCT.AwardPolygon
  • FCT.AwardModes
  • FCT.AwardGameMech
  • FCT.AwardOther


This template functions due to a script stored on the Fandom Developers Wiki, located at MediaWiki:EraIcons/code.js, which is served sitewide via ImportJS. If this template suddenly stops working, please contact an Administrator as soon as possible.

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