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Place this template at the bottom of pages to produce Interlanguage Links. Interlanguage Links link to equivalent pages on Wikias in other languages for international readers.


Please, when using this template, order the links alphabetically according to their language code. The output on the page will be reordered by the template, but alphabetization is a good standard of organization on pages. This template should also inevitably replace all of the old formats for Interlanguage Links, since tying the formatting in with a template is an excellent form of future-proofing.


Old Format

<!-- Interlanguage Links -->
[[ 繁中維基 首頁]]
[[fr:Wikia Diepio]]
[[ Wikia]]
[[ Вики]]
[[vi:Trang Chính]]
[[ Wikia]]
[[tr:Diepio Wikia]]
[[pt-br:Página principal]]
[[ko:Diepio 위키]]
[[ja:Diepio Wiki]]
[[ Wiki]]

New Format

|status = cleanup<!-- English Wikia only | also accepts “review” -->
|de     = Wikia
|es     = Wikia
|fr     = Wikia Diepio
|hu     = Kezdőlap
|it     = Wiki
|ja     = Diepio Wiki
|ko     = Diepio 위키
|pl     = Wikia
|pt-br  = Página principal
|ro     = Acasă
|ru     = Вики
|sv     = Huvudsida
|tr     = Diepio Wikia
|vi     = Trang Chính
|zh     = 繁中維基 首頁

The above code produces links to the Main Pages of all foreign language Wikis, & categorizes the page as Language Cleanup (English Wiki only).
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