• I’m ecstatic that you’re editing, but there’s some things that you could do differently that would make my job a lot easier. For one, please don’t include links such as [[Bullet Penetration]] or [[Reload]], since those go to Redirect pages & we want to use direct links as often as possible (mainly because cleaning up redirects down the road is much easier when there are few links directed there). Another reason is because all of those redirects link to the same page, just different sections, so it’s pretty redundant. Just linking to Stats once is all you need, or you can link to [[Stats#Reload|Reload]] once if it is very important that a reader view that section, otherwise you’ve effectively linked to the same page 10 times & that isn’t necessary.

    Another thing; please do not add recommended Builds into general pages, those belong on the Builds page. Reason being, that everyone plays differently & so different builds work for different people, so we cannot authoritatively say “X Build is the best,” because that might encourage readers to use that Build exclusively instead of using one that works for them. The Builds page is prefaced with warnings about the Builds, but normal pages are not, so please remove any recommended Builds from normal pages that you see.
    If you could do those two things, that’d be great. I don’t wanna sound harsh, because your edits are good & we appreciate them, but there’s just a few things you could change. Thanks for reading.
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