• Interns do not receive Moderator rights nowadays, I assume Banarama forgot, so I had to remove them for the time being. That said, you have Sentinel rights as befitting an Intern, so you should be all set. I’ve also included you in Staff & got around to adding your colors, sorry that that wasn’t done immediately. If you have any questions let me know & I’d be glad to help.

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    • Thanks! If there's any way I can help out, just let me know.

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    • Oops; didn't know. My apologies.

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    • Actually there is a way you could help, however it is low-priority. When you’re editing, if you’re editing page in the Checked Category, then you should do what Temz did here. Basically you’ll go down to the Interlanguage Links section, & then paste this:

      |status = review
      |de     =
      |es     =
      |fr     =
      |hu     =
      |it     =
      |ja     =
      |ko     =
      |pl     =
      |pt-br  =
      |ru     =
      |sv     =
      |tr     =
      |vi     =
      |zh     =
      Then paste the links into the proper place. For example, [[it:Tank]] would be removed, & you’d put Tank after |it = . If you can do that, & accurately, whenever you’re editing a page, then that’d be greatly appreciated. I don’t want you to go out of your way to do it, because for each page you convert I have to convert up to 12 pages on corresponding Interlanguage Wikis, but if you just do it whenever you’re fixing an article then I would be able to keep up.
      Also, I wanted to thank you for laying the groundwork for the Rights Pages. Unfortunately, due to some permissions issues with Fandom Staff, we cannot create any other global groups at this time, so you should let those go. I will be reviewing & cleaning up the ones you started so that they will be up to par, & then all we’ll have left is CheckUser & Poweruser (I advise against attempting Poweruser).
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    • Did I do it correctly on the Streamliner?

      You're welcome. And I understand about the global groups.

      Also, I definitely wasn't going to try Poweruser. I don't know much about it and no one else seems to either so thought I'd leave that one for you. :P

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    • Yes you did it correctly. See what I did here? Because the {{TankNav}} & {{Interlang}} Templates add the necessary categories, they were no longer needed & so could be removed from the page via the Category Editor. Category:Checked & Category:Review are mutually exclusive; so when you add that template, since it adds the Review Category (so that I know to come by & do the other links on other wikis) you should remove the Checked Category.
      Poweruser is a tricksey group, & it changes every year or so, but I know what its current iteration is, so soon as I write the page you’ll know all about it :) I may decide to include the Autoconfirmed user-group, which is technically global, but I’m not sure. Also, FYI, if you want extra help with spiffing up those pages, Special:ListGroupRights has almost all of the abilities of each user-group. Definitely worth the read.
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    • Understood. Would doing one a day work for you?

      Looking forward to reading it. :)

      Ok, thanks!

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    • A FANDOM user
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