• Per the Tribunal’s decision, you have lost your Moderator rights, but while you will no longer be able to moderate forum or Discussions, you can still patrol, rollback, suppress redirect, block users, & with Code Admin rights you may edit MediaWiki / protected Templates.

    Because Code Admin is so powerful, I want to remind you to be careful when editing MediaWiki messages. Your rights exist primarily so that you can contribute-to, create, or otherwise enhance code pages, which end usually in .css or .js. A list of all JS pages is here, & a list of all MediaWiki files is [[:MediaWiki:|here]]. An example of MediaWiki pages you should feel free to contribute to is pages beginning with Gadget-, but some pages you should normally stray away from include but are not limited to: MediaWiki:Wiki-navigation & MediaWiki:Ipboptions.

    Good luck on Staff!

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    • Okay!

      Quick question. I noticed that some of the JS pages need to be submitted for review. Am i allowed to submit them? (Still new to this type of stuff on this wikia)

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    • MediaWiki:BlogLink/code.js should not be submitted for review, as it is not ready & could cause several problems if it went live. MediaWiki:ModifiedChatTags.js was edited by Chapsteck4yurlipis & never submitted, so feel free to do so as long as there are no bugs in test mode.

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    • Okie! :D

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    • A FANDOM user
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