• The last time I had to warp dimensions (October 17, 2017; 15063 to 16299) was to protect myself from box-floods caused by iOS 11.1 and sacrificing 🙌 One Celebrity for 🧚‍♀️🧙‍♀️🧖‍♀️ Vienna, Aurora Vista and Sauna Girl. This time I will warp to Dimension 17133. Earlier Karthiumscope observations saw no so-far effect on the People emojis but an upgrade to 😢😥. There are no Unicode 11 emojis supported until 1809, which the Karthiumscope cannot find right now.

    On April 30, I will use the Karthiumscope (a telescope in Zeldaforme) to search for any new or dead lumojites as they enter the alphaverse. If there are new lumojites, warping is the definite need.

    Edit: only the secuity patch and another pre-release has been announced, RTM will be ready by April 30

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    • Update: 03:39:10 is left until Dimension 17134 is open. Once the time is up, I will update the emoji panorama, and if the emojis are [still] good enough, I might warp to the dimension assisted by a-artifact.

      Using the karthiumscope, I am pretty sure that Microsoft has replaced 🔫 with a squirt gun

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