• All pages should have {{Stub}} until they've got a lot of content. Then we can add {{Image}}. It isn't necessary to have both, since Stub encompasses Images. Keep up the good work editing!

    Also, be sure to message when when you think you've worked on a page enough for it to be listed under your name towards a Medal.

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    • Ok. I was assuming “stub” meant pages that have less than one bullet under the as and against sections.

      And does creating pages count as “working on a page”? If so, that’s the Fortress, Triple Twin, and Trapper(Because I added the strategy?). And maybe the Penta as I started the page (?) but you finished it and already listed it under your name so no?

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    • Uh... I think we can remove it after all of its sections are complete and it has at least 3 points in both strategy subsections.

      Creating a page counts toward it, but maybe fix up those pages enough that they don't need the stub template anymore.

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    • Ok

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    • A FANDOM user
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