• Machine Gun and Twin both have good reload, but what if they were both at level 45 and were upgraded?

    Here, They will

    Farm up to 30k resources: which will be faster

    survive extreme tanks


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    • The Triplet would clearly be the clear winner overall as it has a more focused fire than the sprayer (It says it in the name)

      Here are the Pros and Cons for each tank:

      Triplet the triplet has a lower Damage and Penetration than the sprayer but there is always going to be more contact than the sprayer, this could equal it out if it is a week player and doesn't know the game very well.

      Sprayer the sprayer has a higher Damage and Penetration than the triplet. this can come in handy if the triplet is moving around a fair bit or in retreat back to it's home base. If you had the triplet in a corner than you would have the advantage.

      Thanks ~ kaznith

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