• Hi,

    I'm just wondering, what's your advice for creating realistic fanon tank images? What website do you use to create them (if applicable)?

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    • Personally, I use Microsoft PowerPoint for most of my creations, and sometimes switch out to Inkscape for bigger projects. Unless you're willing to pay Microsoft to get all of Office programs, using alternatives┬álike WPS or LibreOffice should still provide the necessities to place shapes around and color them. Other people had also used Google Docs (online) or Adobe Illustrator, though I'm not sure how they exactly work, but you may give them a try as well.

      In case you need some pattern for the tanks, some assets/spritesheets are out there as a guide, so that your Fanon tanks stay closer in design to the actual game. Here's two you can download and use.

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    • Okay, thanks for the tips!

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