• I've noticed you created a page for the Gunship from Woomy While it do helps, there is a separate wiki, Wiki which is also our partner wiki, dedicated to documenting all of its content. With that said, this wiki only covers general topics/objects from Woomy (Tanks, Polygons, Bosses, and Sentries), but does not delve into smaller or more specific objects.

    Instead of outright deleting it however, I have moved it into your userspace (User:Purrfect Speed/ - Gunship), so that there's a reference you could use, usually by copying most of its content should you decide to make the Gunship page on that wiki. The page have a lot of content to warranty a quality page, so it's enough (you may try to follow the format from their Dropship or EK-X pages so they match similar style formatting).

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