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For the Diep.io Tank with a similar name, see Tri-Angle.

The Triangle is the second most common Polygon in Diep.io. It only has 30 HP, buttressed with 8 HP in Body Damage, thus making it a very weak target. It grants a score of 25 XP to the player who lands the final shot.


Triangles can be used strategically, as the player can level up fast in the first stages of the game, giving a head-start.

Their body damage and HP may be low, however crashing into a few of them without Max HP upgraded may cause serious harm. This may be used as a strategy, pushing the enemies with bullets or traps towards the triangles to deal external damage.


An isolated image of a red triangle.

  • A Level 1 Tank will need five shots to destroy a Triangle. This results in a reward of 5 XP per hit. This is the same amount of XP per hit as a Square, which awards 10 XP after two hits. In comparison, a Pentagon rewards 130 XP after 21.4 hits, for a higher XP/hit value of about 6.07. But an Alpha Pentagon rewards 3,000 XP after 1,072 hits, making the XP/Hit value for the Alpha Pentagon about 2.8.
  • The Guardian of the Pentagons has a similar design to the Triangle, but is much larger, is colored pink and has a Spawner.
  • The rarer variety of the Triangle, the Green Triangle, grants 2,500 XP to the player who lands the final shot. This variety is approximately 10 times stronger than the standard variety. It is estimated that the Green Triangle is 100 times rarer than a normal Triangle.
  • The Defender appears to be the boss form of the Triangle. It is much larger and has auto cannons and Trap Launchers, unlike the Triangle.
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