• I live in The deepest part of hell.
  • My occupation is I would say demon overlord, but I just edit wikis and such. Wikipedia's probably my favorite one to fix typos on.
  • I am Female.
Hi! I'm Astringent, but here I'm called Vile. I'm relatively new to Arras/, and since I don't really have a wealth of knowledge like other players, commonly browse along the pages, looking at stuff. It wouldn't be unlikely If I've also explored your user page as well.

Okay, introductions, right right. As you know, I'm Vile. And you're <insert name here>. (Cool name, by the way!) Well, since you're here, I might as well tell you a few things about me, otherwise that would make this more awkward than it needs to be.

My Favorite Tank- Booster and High DPS & Reload classes. I


don't always use Booster, but it's great fun to zip around the map. For those DPS/High Reload classes, I've always loved mage classes in RPGs, and it's like your shooting out a big ol' wave of fire. Definitely my forte.

Highest Score- My highest score was achieved relatively recently. It was 184K, which I achieved on booster through a mirage of insanely lucky kills. Note- I hadn't had a clue that the people I had killed were top ten.

Stuff I enjoy doing- Editing wikis, Traditional/Trans-Digital Art, Reading random wiki lore, the occasional game of DND, and talking to people (especially one named <insert name here> :> ).

Stuff I don't like- Pineapple Pizza (Who would ever think that was a good idea?), Any bug within a 2 mile radius, Heights, Some Horror Movies, Kid's Movies.

Now you already know a good bit about who I am. Well, since I really don't have anything else interesting to talk about, I'll just tell you about some people who, hands down, have already gotten my respect.


GellyPop | Why do I respect them?: Seems to make medal art at an alarming rate, Art in general is snazzy, clean, and aesthetically fantastic, Great Concepts. I respect people who have better mannerisms than me. Always.

Sentinal94K | Why do I respect them?: Capable of managing situations as a staff member reliably and also with humor (which is almost impossible), Never have met a player so good at factory, Interesting and unique Fanon concepts that I would actually want in game. I respect people who have better mannerisms than me. Always.

Banarama | Why do I respect them?: Fantastic administrator who is fantastic at their job, expresses opinions rationally and with good etiquette, Always ready to help out or answer questions, and he's literally a banana slug. Plus, I respect people who have better mannerisms than me. Always.


Hopefully, if you're a good person and you pique my interest, you may find a spot here! :>

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