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  • I live in A decent household
  • I was born on December 12
  • My occupation is Editor, Conception Artist
  • I am Male

Ah, so I see you've found my profile page, <insert name here>. Anyway, I shall pass you my greetings. Welcome! You won't really find anything special here except a few things about me, such as my likes and dislikes. I'm just your average user who wishes to be helpful in this wiki. I edit everyday and try to provide the most accurate information. As of now, I am both Moderator and Sentinel.

Anyway, enjoy reading I suppose.

Stalker NAV Icon1 Stalker
Originating from the Sniper branch, it upgrades from Assassin. By the time was released, this was the most unique class. As it possessed sniper attributes, it could also turn invisible. Hence why it's named 'Stalker'. Its invisibility and range is why it became one of my favorite tanks.
Annihilator NAV Icon1 Annihilator
Originating from the Machine Gun branch, it upgrades from Destroyer. Just look at this absolute unit. The most powerful class in the game, damage-wise. Unfortunately its movement and reload is slow. Although, it's satisfying when I one-shot some people with it.
Dual Hunter Dual
A Twin-Sniper crossbranch, combining both Twin and Hunter. Basically just a better version of the Twin, but somewhat cooler. I think this because it's fun to imagine someone dualwielding handguns.
ArrasFalconNAVI Falcon
A Flank-Sniper crossbranch, combining both Tri-Angle and Assassin. In my opinion, this tank is pretty trash but I like the design. It does kinda look like a bird.
RifleDiep2io Rifle
Upgrades from Sniper. I know it's worse than the Musket, but I prefer the Rifle because of its design. Just like the name says, it really does look like a rifle despite just using two shapes (excluding the base, of course). I mean, I like the Musket too.
Twister NAV Icon Twister
Upgrades from the Artillery. One of the best tanks in Arras, in my opinion. It has so much dominance in range and can overpower anyone using the right strats and builds. Which is why I have high scores with it!


  • Pizza, of course. Stay far away from me if you don't.
  • Vanilla and Sherbet ice cream. I know, I'm ordinary.
  • Cookies. I mean, who doesn't? Except oatmeal-raisin cookies...
  • Mexican and Chinese food. It's good to try different things.
  • The color green and blue. I honestly don't know why. It just kinda... speaks to me.


  • Pineapple Pizza. Bleugh. How do people like this?
  • Rude and unpleasant people.


Believe it or not, this username is a synonym of 'Quicksilver', who is one of my favorite Marvel heroes (along with Iron Man, but that's not relevant). That's the only reason how I came up with this name. I regularly use 'Knightmare' or 'Knighmaru' in games that want a username, so if you see those, feel free to say you saw me.


My High Scores in Diep:

  • Stalker: 850k
  • Skimmer: 700k
  • Assassin, Booster, Triple Twin, Overlord: 400k

My High Scores in Arras:

  • Twister: 1.2mil
  • Machine Gunner, Musket: 700k
  • Dual, Surfer, Booster, Cyclone, Triple Twin: 500k
  • Landmine: 350k (honestly not even worth mentioning but whatever)

Custom Achievements

  • In the Storm — Upgrade to Twister
In the Storm
Upgrade to Twister
  • Riflin' — Upgrade to Rifle
Upgrade to Rifle
  • FALCON BULLET! — Upgrade to Falcon
Upgrade to Falcon
  • Now there are five of them! — Upgrade to Machine Gunner
Now there are five of them!
Upgrade to Machine Gunner


Also, I'm a Minecraft fanboy, and I don't feel ashamed of it! I play Smash Bros and a bit of Splatoon too. Characters I play in Super Smash Bros Ultimate are ZSS, Captain Falcon, Jigglypuff, and Kirby.

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