aka Thriplerex

  • I live in United States
  • I was born on June 11
  • My occupation is High Hesperian Overseer of the Extended Tale of Diep
  • I am Male

Hello there. I like to clog up recent changes with my edits. Number of times this has happened so far: Too many times to count. :)

List of people I've made enemies of because I blocked them:

  • Rhassane (Called me a "man-poo" among other futile attempts at harassment, your average vandal with a weak vendetta, 2017)
    • Additional notes: Continues to have a presence on various Discord servers and subreddits as of 2018-19. No further interaction with me. His general pattern of behavior can be summed up with this quote: "i poop on u!!!!!!motherf***** of the FAKE sinbadx!" Verbatim and all.
  • Ze KingDeDeDe (Not so much as a self-perceived adversary as an oddity. Didn't seem to understand simple wiki rules like editing user profiles without permission, even after a block. Other than that, nothing else to report. 2018)
    • Additional notes: Active as of 2019, but no further infractions. Yet.
  • Gian michael cacal (Blocked after repeated vandalism for one week, proceeds to perma-block me on his own wiki. Written proficiency in English is even worse than Rhassane's, 2019)
    • Additional notes: Mildly amusing interaction, no further course needed unless he keeps it up.
  • TerrariaBEAST64590 (Ignored repeated warnings to not use ToD concepts on his pages. Created a variety of low-quality conceptions, that when offered suggestions for, ignored. Likewise, ignored other warnings not to spam on other users' message walls, necroposted on multiple occasions, and had an odd habit of quoting other messages and editing them in his responses. After a 1-week block, proceeded to permanently block me on two of his own wikis, but then proceeded to revert at least one of them a week later.)
    • Additional notes: Was much better grammar-wise than the rest, but still had the same ignorant/(semi-)aggressive behavioral pattern than the other people here. However, he was much improved after his block but still retained a spammy nature by creating at least five unnecessary blog posts.
  • Note that all of the above, bar the last one, have a habit of "Capitalizing Every Word They Write Like This."

Other people of interest:

  • Good202/Dumb100/A Googler: Apparently Russian, this guy had a habit of posting incomprehensible messages or images without any context. Also stole Graviatar's art at one point (or multiple?) and used them in his pages. Unusually good at making art (especially .svg files,) though.
  • El Armadillo: I don't know what to say here. He was quite the interesting one, though...

Todo list:

  • Nokiafrasses: In progress.
  • Guardians of the IE Reserves
  • Hatappy (hats, and related characters)
  • Ballistic Barricade
  • Doxinark and Darkniard
  • Blarney Archives gamemode
  • Rdrg
  • Other Hesperian realm bosses
  • Lord Sassafras's Palace
  • Hats off to Hatappy
  • DJ Hatte
  • Half n' Hat
  • Carbon-X
  • Time's Up
  • Fortress of the Legion
  • Legion Commanders
  • Post new Realm Map, and create new Realm Page for EToD
  • Introduce expansive new leveling system with class abilities and skill trees
  • Further define classes
  • Start working on ToD scrapped concepts
  • Panzer's Legacy and Expanded Universe?

Despite what my username suggests, it does not involve Pokemon. It's a portmanteau of "" and "Monday."

Current status: Rise of Hesperia overhaul. Creator and manager of the Extended Tale of Diep, a conception expansion to the mainstream ToD. Also occasionally making art for various things, but usually does not take art requests. Overloading Rise of Hesperia into oblivion with Sassafras-related conceptions.

My favorite tanks:

  • Fighter
  • Booster/Spike
  • Hybrid/Annihilator
  • Predator
  • Auto Gunner

I usually play under the name "Tank You!", "LB Hunter", "LORDE SASSAFREXEN", or just my username. My Diep record is 406k with Spike in 2 Teams (2 1/2 hours), my highest overall score and score/time ratio combined is 348k in 40 minutes with Spike in FFA. My 4 Teams record is 181k with Skimmer. In Arras, my record is 446k with Ram Booster.

Listed below are my scores with level 45 tanks.

  • 400k tanks: Spike
  • 300k tanks: Spike
  • 250k tanks: Penta
  • 200k tanks: Hybrid, Penta (3x), Spread, Octotank, Booster, Fighter, Annihilator
  • 150k tanks: Skimmer, Predator
  • 100k tanks: Everything else, except: Overlord, Overtrapper, Mega Trapper, Tri-Trapper, Auto Smasher, Factory, Manager

Boss kills (outside of Sandbox): Summoner (x4), Defender (x1), Guardian (x1), Fallen Overlord (x1), Fallen Booster (x1)

Boss kills (Arras): Elite Crasher (x5)

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