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Hello, everyone :)

Note: My profile is undergoing Maintenance and will be completed by the end of the month :)

A Bit About Me

Hi everyone I am DominatorKing and I love spending time on the and wiki.

I'll start with a little information about my self.

My Favourite Tanks:

  1. Overlord
  2. Hybrid
  3. Fighter
  4. Stalker
  5. Triplet

High Scores

I have some reasonable highs scores in a variety of different game modes, with, therefore, a variety of different tanks. I will list them here :)

Tank Score Gamemdoe
Overlord 800k FFA
Overlord 600k Maze
Hybrid 600k 2TDM
Fighter 500k FFA
Stalker 500k Maze
Hybrid 500k 4TDM
Triplet 500k Maze
Stalker 400k 4TDM High Scores

I also have my high scores, which I will list here:

Tank Score Gamemode
Overlord 600k FFA
Triplet 500k Maze
Stalker 400k FFA
Surfer 400k FFA
Auto-triangle 400k FFA
Bomber 400k FFA
Overdrive 400k FFA
Auto-Overseer 400k FFA
Sidewinder 400k FFA

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