The Infrared is a tank that upgrades from Twin, Hunter, and Auto 3. These tanks may not be in the same branch, but they may upgrade to this. This is selected in Tier Alpha, which is reached when you have tier? 4 and in the top 5 of the leaderboard. This tank is only achievable by beating the Flawed Infrared first.


This tank has five Barrels. Two on the sides, two on the front sides, and 1 directly mounted onto the front. These canons shoot the same kind of bullet. These bullets just go in different directions.


When upgrading:

  • Bullet speed is increased
  • Bullet damage is decreased
  • Regeneration is increased
  • Movement speed is decreased


  • Strong against: Sniper branch
  • Weak against: Bullet spammers, tanks w/ high health, and rammers

As the Infrared

The Infrared has the most diverse barrels in the game. The 3 barrels in front (and front sides) can help shooting at one target. The 2 barrels at the side can help shoot at other tanks, polygons, etc.

Against the Infrared

The Infrared is very vulnerable at the back, and its movement speed is decreased. Shoot at the back. Better if bullet spamming.


  • This tank is based on the Infrared light which has a longer wavelength that is not seen by the eye.
  • This tank is achievable by defeating the Flawed Infrared which is bigger than this. Hence, flawed.
  • This tank is one of the few that have a vibrant orange, meaning it is unlocked by beating a boss.
  • Made in Fantasy Tank Builder.
  • This tank's weapons are used on Code: Red and Flawed Infrared.
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