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==Gallery of 3D art not used in any pages==
==Gallery of 3D art not used in any pages==
<gallery type="slideshow" position="center">
<gallery type="slideshow" position="center">
3d skimmer.png|A Skimmer
3d skimmer.png|link = Skimmer
3D archprophet.png|{{d|Archprophet|Archprophet, with shoulder pads, I <3 Panzer Mug, earphones and ceremonial blade}}
3D archprophet.png|{{d|Archprophet|Archprophet, with shoulder pads, I <3 Panzer Mug, earphones and ceremonial blade}}
3d royale.png|{{d|Royale}}
3d royale.png|{{d|Royale}}

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Welcome, visitor, to my profile, message wall and talk page. What brings you here?


User:The Tidal Wave/To Do List


Special:ListFiles/Diepmon (if you're wondering why's this here, he asked me to take care of some of his conceptions while he works on other stuff)





Gallery of 3D art not used in any pages

Friends list

  • ArenaCloser1337 (RP, YAY)
  • TBOO-Y (RP, YAY)
  • Aufmerksam (AM Waves > this)
  • Tacocat247 (RP, YAY)
  • The named BOSS (RP, YAY (though a bit jerkish))
  • Zathsu
  • Teamerz
  • Ursuul
  • TheGoldenPatrik1
  • Radium212
  • Graviatar
  • Diepmon
  • Son of Ships (Harry Potter, YAY)
  • Utkar22 (PJO, THG, Divergent, YAY)
  • Queen Aysha
  • Skye Sim
  • 4L01510 1337
  • CoolestPip
  • MrBigWallOfText3
  • Captain Hayden

Honoured users

  • Ursuul
  • Zathsu
  • MrMewshmallow
  • Banarama
  • Tacocat247
  • The Archprophet
  • Captain Hayden

Graveyard of departed or possibly departing users

FallenBooster: Left for Discord. Great friend and staff. Shame he got demoted because he was busy on Discord. Is now permanently on Discord, but he's still on the Diep discord.

TOTMGsRock: Left for places unknown. A very talented FTB tank maker and a good friend and comrade.

Notable events

  • High score: 179,922 via Octo Tank, 2 teams, leaderboard #1, died to Arena Closer.
  • Saw a 2 Teams server close. (See above)
  • Saw a Green Square once. Killed it and got Shiny.

Strange players I have seen (and possibly killed) in

  • A ram Factory. (Dead)
  • A ram Overlord. (Some baby Twin stole my kill and proceeded to kill me as well)
  • A Smasher who, despite being on low health, tried to ram me as an Octo Tank. (Super dead)
  • Necromancers in Sandbox. (Octo gets them every time)
  • A Tri-angle who did the same as the Smasher above. (Also super dead)

Tanks I am sure I am good at

  • Octo Tank
  • Auto 5
  • Trapper Dominator

Tanks I think I am good at

  • Penta Shot
  • Spread Shot
  • Auto Trapper
  • Landmine
  • Spike
  • Manager (surprisingly)
  • Gunner Dominator

Tanks that I am decent at

  • Skimmer
  • Factory
  • Battleship
  • Destroyer Dominator
  • Tri-Trapper
  • Overtrapper

Tanks that I suck at

  • Pretty much everything not listed

Tanks that wreck me (plz don't use these against me in sandbox)

  • Predator
  • Overlord
  • Factory
  • AC (duh)
  • Ranger (sometimes)
  • Streamliner
  • Auto Gunner
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