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=Welcome, visitor, to my profile, message wall and talk page. What brings you here?=
The last remains of my existence on this wiki lie here. Good memories were had.
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|title = Important
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|content =
*{{u|The Tidal Wave/To Do List}}
*{{u|The Tidal Wave/Absolute Randomness}}
*[[Special:ListFiles/Diepmon]] (if you're wondering why's this here, he asked me to take care of some of his conceptions while he works on other stuff)
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|title = Conceptions
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|title = Gallery of 3D art not used in any pages
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<gallery type="slideshow" position="center">
3d skimmer.png|A [[Skimmer]]
3D archprophet.png|{{d|Archprophet|Archprophet, with shoulder pads, I <3 Panzer Mug, earphones and ceremonial blade}}
3d royale.png|{{d|Royale}}
3d TRAPPER GOD.png|Trapper God
3d AC1337.png|{{u|ArenaCloser1337|AC1337}}
3d TBOO-Y.png|{{u|TBOO-Y|TBOO-Y (The user, not the OP conception)}}
3d BOSS.png|{{u|The named BOSS|The named BOSS, with added Fighter barrels}}
3d Grevious.png|{{c|Grevious}}
3d Amnuhev.png|{{d|Nonagon Phages #Amnuhev Elite Phage|Amnuhev Elite Phage (A challenge from Graviatar)}}
3d Teamerz'd.png|{{u|Teamerz|SURPRISE TEAMERZ'D!!!!}}
GLORIOUS 3D POLAND.png|{{d|Winged Hussar}}
PENTAGOD Approves.png|A birthday gift for AC1337
FB Bday gift.png|A birthday gift for {{u|FallenBooster}}
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|title = Friends, Allies and Honoured People (In alphabetical order)
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*4L01510 1337 (F)
*ArenaCloser1337 (F)
*Aufmerksam (F)
*Banarama (AH)
*Captain Hayden (FH)
*CoolestPip (F)
*Diepmon (FA)
*FallenBooster (F)
*Graviatar (FA)
*Mr.BigWallOfText3 (F)
*MrMewshmallow (H)
*Radium212 (FA)
*Skye Sim (F)
*Tacocat247 (FH)
*Teamerz (FA)
*The Archprophet (FAH)
*TheGoldenPatrik1 (FA)
*The named BOSS (F)
*Ursuul (FAH)
*Utkar22 (A)
*Zathsu (FAH)}}
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|title = Notable Events (
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*High score: 179,922 via Octo Tank, 2 teams, leaderboard #1, died to Arena Closer.
*Saw a 2 Teams server close. (See above)
*Saw a Green Square once. Killed it and got Shiny.}}
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|title = Strange players I have seen (and possibly killed)
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*A ram Factory. (Dead)
*A ram Overlord. (Some baby Twin stole my kill and proceeded to kill me as well)
*A Smasher who, despite being on low health, tried to ram me as an Octo Tank. (Super dead)
*Necromancers in Sandbox. (Octo gets them every time)
*A Tri-angle who did the same as the Smasher above. (Also super dead)}}

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The last remains of my existence on this wiki lie here. Good memories were had.

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