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Diep/Arras stuff

For reference.

  • Diep high score: 247176 via Octo Tank, 2 teams, leaderboard #2, died to ram Annihilator.
  • Saw a 2 Teams server close.
  • Saw a Green Square once. Killed it and got Shiny.
  • Saw and killed a ram Factory.
  • Saw a ram Overlord. Some baby Twin stole my kill and proceeded to kill me as well.
  • Saw and killed a Smasher who, despite being on low health, tried to ram me, who was a hurricane Octo Tank.
  • Why do people even play Necromancers in Sandbox, besides for the sole purpose of turning into an AC?
  • Saw and killed a Tri-angle who did the same as the Smasher above.
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