aka Kot32

  • I live in namespace std;
  • My occupation is int main
  • I am cout << "Bruh Moment"
Fallen Booster

Hi There, you have encountered someone who has been known to be a monolith, though, still able to be a booster, a booster which is discolored, neways welcome to my profile and use the msg wall to talk about random shit if you want but please, don't make drama out of a post or witchhunt me in, that is a sin, i guess yo can know its me in arras if:

my name is FallenBooster or Disphenocingulum

uses skimmer or shotgun, or any new class that gets added on an update

Is a touhou fan. (its why i once named myself ~Mima~ in

arras^2 link is down there.

"*oh and you can find me if im disph, sphenocorona, kot32 or Disphenocingulum and i am a skimboss (crackers wannabe lel)


My Favorite Class is Octotank. :3

I love Boss tanks and conceptions, also bonker da best smisher evah < - The cute Pillbox gunner boi

as a matter of a fact, i know a bit of js and can create a server for arras.

the server is released.

bad ppl list

Good202 - stole my good friend Graviatar's conceptions shamelessly and makes me triggered sometimes

The named BOSS - He's a dick. Can't fuck at respecting people in arras.

Killer memestar24 - perv and spammer, lewd af He got banned xd

Rhassane - This fucker can't shut the fuck up, and as a result got banned from r/diep2io. Instant karma i guess.

This page is so fuckin' old, i ain't like this anymore.

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