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  • I live in Around Pacific.
  • My occupation is Uhm...
  • I am Slime.
  • Bio A user with experience of doing PowerPoint & Inkscape art especially related stuff.
    Can be usually tracked down at the Official Wiki ( doing medals and other art for its administration.
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Currently a Senior Administrator sharing leadership along with JustLeafy, and also a Staff Artist of this Wiki. Lives in Asia, near Pacific. If you want, leave a message on my wall (or private-chat me in case I'm in Chat, or to my Hive, which I will explain later; those are for something secretive stuff that no other else should know) if you need/want to talk with me. For more info and stuff, view the profile extension. Below is his Staff page entry.

Knowledgeable user for most aspects (excuse the codes), a Staff Artist usually around content, and counterpart of Anonymoususer12321, main artist. Democratic Era-born citizen, semi-regular Wiki activity patrol/watchman, Wiki loyalist, and an overburdened person with life stuff. Currently tries to do housekeeping, moving poor-quality Fanon pages to userspaces. Here's his message wall but Discord is better for contacting him.

Here are some of the subpages that might help you, or maybe just for your own entertainment.

  • General Player Types - A page that discusses few player types on Team game modes. Previously a canon/main article page, turned into a community page due to fan-made terms (although not completely considered fanon).
  • Classifying Tanks - A page that covers unofficial classification of tanks, based on my personal opinion. Originally a blog post.
  • Sandbox - Self-explanatory.
  • To Do List - Stuff I got to do in this wiki.

For all things that are part of my userspace (I need to): Special:PrefixIndex/User:GellyPop

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