Purrfect Speed

aka pǝǝdS ʇɔǝɟɹɹnԀ

  • I live in I live on the U.S.S. Necron, the legendary war boat.
  • My occupation is I like making fanon bosses and editing woomy bosses.
  • I am I'm a guy

Ocaveraryna inspired (and motivated so that we could keep in touch) me to get a FANDOM account.

The Story of Bosses (Opinion, for woomy)

Long ago, there was harmony. The bosses lived in peace with crashers and polygons. All was good in this world. But then tanks came. They loved to eat polygons. At first, all was still good, as they savored every last polygon and thanked the bosses for their kindness. But one day, a tank saw a crasher. He thought it was a Triangle. It wasn't but he loved it. Thus, he encouraged the other tanks to come and try them. Two tanks, though, named Oca and Cobalt X, weren't sure about it and stayed put. Meanwhile, the other tanks started to eat the crashers. A lucky Vis Distructia got away and told her master, Vis Ultima, about the "massacre." The Vis Ultima saw, and was enfuriated. She quickly attacked, and they all ran away. But she wasn't done yet. She chased them back to their base. Everyone back at base hid at this news. Cobalt and Oca considered fleeing to hikidy and did. Meanwhile, the other tanks launched an ambush. Near death, Vis Ultima fled to alert the others. The tanks prepared to ambush the fleet of bosses, but their ambush got ambushed by the boss' ambush. But the tanks still fought back. The bosses were forced to flee into another world. They come back to woomy sometimes, hoping to conquer the tanks finally.

Games -- Find me as pǝǝdS ʇɔǝɟɹɹnԀ or [PS] Cobalt. -- Names may vary, but typically find me as Cobalt XYV. -- Find me as [SAV] Purrfect Speed. -- Find me as Cobalt X | Protect the Bosses!. -- Find me as [SAV] Purrfect Speed!. -- Find me as U.S.S. Necron. -- Find me as Cobaltic.

Geometry Dash -- I currently have no account (My email IS NOT already in use!!), but IF I get one, find me as Cobaltic X. -- Find me as Booster!.

In game Facts -- I usually only play LA3, but if it's too crowded I'll go to LA1. Also, my favorite animal is actually a four-way tie; Phoenix, because I like the concept of the idea of a Phoenix, Dino Monster, as I love to pretend to be a Ferrari or Lamborghini with it, Scorpion, as it is VERY OP, and Land Monster, because my connection to it is kind of personal. When I first played, it was the first animal I saw. They were everywhere. is currently my favorite game. -- I've had many names in, but my oldest name (which I have not retired from using but I rarely use it) is Paradigm Shift. My FANDOM account name, name, and oldest name have one thing in common -- They're all names of Hot Wheels (FANDOM and, Purrfect Speed,, Paradigm Shift). My favorite tank is probably Triplet, Annihilator, Rocketeer, Hybrid, Booster, or Fighter.

arras, woomy, and hikidy -- I don't play arras as often. Mostly woomy and hikidy these days (Siege mode didn't get old though, in reg. arras). In woomy, my typical tactic is choose Courser and/or Torrent. However, I sometimes use Moderator, Greaser, Operator, and Donjon. I also always like to try out the new tanks--if I know what they evolve from. My fav tank is Cutlass (even though it's weak). In hikidy, my favorite tank is Hypent Hyprimissile (Is that the name?). I'm beginning to play hikidy more often because my favorite tank is SOOOOOO OP.

I don't do,, or as much anymore, and there's a lot of variables so you should already know everything you need to about these three. But I would like to mention that yes, I actually use the Necron skin in Why do you think I'm called the U.S.S. Necron?

Geometry Dash-- No account - Yet. Currently working on it. I personally am more of a creator than beater of levels. Currently trying to beat Electrodynamix (love that cube) and get an account. I think the complication in getting an account may have to relate to the fact that I've transferred devices.


Ocaveraryna -- Fun Fact: I've known her even before I started on Fandom.

DroidekaDoge -- Fun Fact: I helped him/her make a boss; the Yell-OW Jackite.

Hikidy123 -- Fun Fact: OK, I don't know much about Hikidy123, tbh.

GunnerRaptor -- Fun Fact: I like GunnerRaptor's conceptions.

Pepsilina -- Fun Fact: I once asked her why she ships anon and oca not me and oca.

AnonomousUser12321 -- Fun Fact: We both Play Geometry Dash.

Personal Trivia

  • The First .IO game I've ever played was, and actually the second was but I've retired from for now.
  • I've played for technically 3 years. I started in third grade, and my school year as a 5th grader ended in May. Thus, I am a sixth grader now. However, aside from grade I've only played mope for slightly over 2 years.
  • I'm one of the only people left in who know the true secret to God Mode. There are a few others I know who are mi amigos. Almost everyone else will either Ghost Mode you or just waste your time and HP.
  • I've only made three tank ideas for, and if I remember right only ONE BOSS.
  • Here is my top 10 favorite Bosses

10: Green Guardian/PS3_33

9: Messenger

8: Collider

7: Pulsar

6: EK-2

5: Deltrablade

4: Trape Fighter

3: Vis Ultima

2: Gunship

1: Vanguard, my favorite

  • If I were a boss in, my name would be REAL Cobalt X, and my spawn message would be Ooh, a Gunship... oh no it's dead... I must avenge my friends!
  • I don't choose Black Dragon in on purpose anymore because the Monsters are more fun.
  • My favorite boss in the entire saga is The War Scorpion by DroidekaDoge.
  • My two new occupations are making separate profiles for the bosses and adding a gallery here.
  • If my first newest occupation (making separate profiles the bosses) is a big collaboration, we will get all the profiles made!



  • Scorpions
  • Axolotls
  • The games listed above
  • Getting Monster or being mini in
  • Making a Web Fortress in
  • Making things related to
  • Building things
    • Especially fortresses
  • Tracing things off of a computer by pressing a paper against my computer screen
  • Finding rare bosses in woomy
  • Hot Wheels
  • Gemstones (Especially Amethyst, Emerald, Citrine, Onyx, and Cobalt)
  • Pizza
  • French Fries
  • Teaming with bosses and bots in woomy
  • Making FANDOM pages bigger
  • Collaborating
  • Playing with friends on woomy
  • Beating levels in Geometry Dash
  • Making levels in Geometry Dash
  • Beating the levels I made in Geometry Dash
  • Gravity by Multex
  • Supernova by Xtrullor
  • Guardian of the Former Seas by DMDOKURU


  • Scary Movies
  • Small FANDOM pages (I will make them bigger)
  • People abusing Bosses and my teammate bots (woomy)
  • NOT beating Electrodynamix
    • Dying at like, 87% to be specific
  • When editor mode "broke" in Geonetry Dash (I accidentally put on something only delete but it's fixed now)
  • Dying at 3M or up in
    • Unless trying to change my animal, get rare, help a friend, or I gtg, dying at all in
    • Of course though, unless it's King Dragon I would not die to get a rare. If I have the chance when I get that tier I'll choose it, but I won't die on purpose and waste my time.
  • People hating on Rocketeer, Triple Shot, and Battleship (They're starting to recognize how well Battleship and Triple shot do, but everyone except me still hates Rocketeer)
  • Not being able to get an Account in GD (I don't know why ;-;)
  • People killing Scorpions, but if it's a game I might be able to deal with it
  • Fire
  • Because of a near incident that happened, flares
  • Thunderstorms, but only if they're at night
  • Thinking about why people have sleep paralysis
    • They're probably scared of something wicked... and I mean BAD wicked not like "wicked awesome"

Fanon Bosses and Tanks

Acrocity: Acrocity, despite being named after my favorite Geometry Dash level, is a very deadly boss. It terrifies the tanks... but... It's just a green Vanguard, some say. But now, It's top turret is a swarm drone spawner, and it's side turrets are now mounted Destroyer guns. This fierce foe can move 5x faster than the Vanguard, and can stay 60% invisible while moving even at max speed. However, it's rear trap cannon recoil makes it go 7x faster than the Vanguard. Acrocity is supposed to be a descendant of the Vanguard.

War Scorpion Ultima: It is an armored War Scorpion, but now the four Quad Tank placed trap launchers on the claws are replaced with Machine Gun cannons. Aside from that, there are now two swarm-drone cannons placed to look like fangs, and the Barricade Tail now has two more trap launchers. The armor must be destroyed first. Only then will the actual War Scorpion Ultima be defeatible.

The Dragon: It is my first Fanon boss with two phases. In phaze one, it looks a little actually like a Dragon. It can fly on to trees to avoid damage, but it can still shoot at played while on trees. It's bullets have the poison affect, as the poison effect may give a "burning" feel to the bullet. In phase two, it loses the tail and poison effect on the bullets, and becomes a weird looking crossbow. That is why the wings are designed to look like a crossbow. The bullets are now faster, but weaker.

My only Fanon tanks are Beta, Betabrid and Testbed. Beta is an Auto-2 (Play or with a Basic Tank cannon in the front. It evolves from Auto-2 at Level 45 and evolves to Testbed, Betabrid, and W.I.P. at Level 60.

Testbed is just a Beta but the cannon is now a Single cannon. For this reason, it has the ability to see further into the distance. Upgrades from Beta.

W.I.P. is a Scrapped variant. It was supposed to be an Auto-2-2 (Play for Auto-2-2) with a Basic cannon in the front, but I scrapped it. It would evolve from Beta. I may decide to unscrap it though. We'll see.

Betabrid is a little obvious. It's a Beta with a Hybrid drone spawner in the back. Evolves from Beta at Level 60 along with Testbed.

Boss Chat

Collider: Is anyone here?



Vis Ultima: I'm here. What's going on, Collider?

Collider: I started a Chat Room.

Vis Ultima: A Chat Room?

Collider: Yeah, 'cause why not?

Gunship: Gunship, reporting for duty.

Messenger: Alright, people are joining!

Gunship: People?

Messenger: Our fellow bosses...

Vis Ultima: Oh right!


Gunship: ...bruh.

Vis Ultima: Vanguard, how did you manage to spell YOUR OWN NAME wrong?

And it's right there too...

Vanguard: Oops!

Dropship: How could somebody be so clumsy?

Trape Fighter: HEY!!!

Dropship: I wasn't talking about you...

EK-1: What is Happening?

Gunship: Vanguard just spelled his name wrong but all is good now.

Trape Fighter: RIOT!!!!!!!!!!

Deltrablade: A riot is not necessary. Just take a deep breath in... and exhale.

Trape Fighter: I don't feel better.


Trape Fighter: I don't have a crush on anyone.


Trape Fighter: OK, OK! No need to enrage, P.

PS3_33: ............................_. >:( I WAS T_RYING T_O CAL_M YOU DOWN...

AcRoCiTy: That's not what I saw.


ACROCITY: But I just got here :)

Snowflake: Did your name format just change?

AcroCITY: Yes, it did.


ʎʇᴉɔoɹɔ∀: I'm hacking.

Bow: Wait. That's illegal.

ACroCIty: Don't worry- I'm a white hat hacker.

Bow: No, not hacking. Someone in my neighborhood just got robbed. I'm go chase them.

Dropship: That guy who got robbed was me... ;-;

Bow: I'm REALLY gonna get him now!

Dropship: I want my lifetime supply of blankets back! Winter officially starts tomorrow!

Slider: It does???

Vis Ultima: Brother, you have a lifetime supply of blankets? Why don't I?

Dropship and Bow have left the chat.

Slider: Oh, wait. It does.

Sassafras: WoW tHat'S sO sPiCy!!!

Kiosk: OLOLEJKvjnshhvnjmjhvejsbavnjvjhajuguyajcajsgcuageugusagcusgcuhgyuesbc QUABBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB

PS3_33: Oh no. The terror team is here. Run. NOW!!!

Pulsar: But... I just got here.

Mladic: Me too. Plus, I know magic. We'll be fine.

PS3_33: Fine. But if Sassafras or Kiosk, mostly Kiosk though, goes out of control, we flee.

Collider: Continue...

Mladic: I don't trust these two...

Kiosk: Who?

Mladic: The people taking out the trash...

Dropship: Are you secretly referring to Sassafras and Kiosk?

Pulsar: Welcome back!

Mladic: No. I'm not. You live next door. And Collider.

Collider: Yeah Mladic's right. Wait. They're coming this way... AHHHH!!!

Slider: Collider?

Vanguard: COLLIDER?

Kisok: CoLLiDer?

Collider: I'm OK! My pet Land Monster just jumped on me, that's all.

Gunship: Phew.

Mladic: Wait... that's not a trash bag.

Vanguard: I'ma check it out. If I don't return, tell my story!!


Collider: He's too young to die!



Slider: I am a sacrifice.

Vis Ultima: Slider, you're so reflexive that 10 of the meteorites at once that wiped out the dinosaurs couldn't kill you if you wanted them to.

Slider: Oh.

Trape Fighter: I'll go.

PS3_33: Trape, sure you're a klutz... but you're not expendable.

Kiosk: SHouLD I hElP?

Everyone: Oh yeah sure! That's a good idea! Yup. Yeah go!

Kiosk and Sassafras have left the chat.

Elite Sprayer: Hello. What is this?

Elite Skimmer: How should I know?

Gunship: Oh. Hello.

Deltrablade: M&Ms. Skittles. Nice to see you.


Elite Bent Hybrid: Yeah or else I will kill you.

Deltrablade: OK, OK.

War Scorpion: The only reason I'm here is because I was told there would be a lot of destruction. And a party.

Scorpio Sentry: I'm here cause my dad's here.

Edzata Burger: Edzata Edzata! (Hello, my fellow bosses)

VanguArd: Hello I am not the real Vanguard I am a Descendant of Vanguard. Er, from the future.

Vagnaurd: So am I.

Eclipse: Cool.

Rich Sprayer: I'm really rich, I'll show that in a second.

Everyone: NO ONE CARES!

Rich Sprayer: ..........I'm---

Eclipse: IF YOU SAY IT...


Setting Moon: Hi.

Penumbra: OK so my older brother Eclipse is here but when is mah sister, Nightstreak and my other brother, Shadow?

Nightstreak: I'm here.

Shadow: Guys I am literally locked in my own clawset.

Vagnaurd: Clawset? You mean the tank?

Shadow: No. I mean "closet" but I like to spell it "clawset"

Vagnaurd: OK. Why are you locked in your "clawset?"

Shadow: I can't be out of my closet in the day. I'll disintegrate. I need to operate in the dark.

VanguArd: Really? I always thought you operated in the light, impersonating enemies' shadows to spy on them.

Shadow: Well, I can do that... but they need to get into a dark place first. If I'm not impersonating their shadow, I'll die in the bright light of the Sun. If I am impersonating their shadow, I am just fine.

Umbra: That makes sense.

Shadow: Master! Hello.

NEOWISE: Hello Umbra.

Elite Auto: Hi.

Vanguard: I'm back, and I'm NOT dead!

Everyone except for Umbra because he doesn't know what's going on: VANGUARDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!! :D

Slider: So, what was it?

Elite Bent Hybrid: Yeah, tell us!

Edzata Burger: Edzata! Edzata! Edzata! (Chanting "Tell Us! Tell Us! Tell Us!")

Vanguard: Apparently, someone forgot to put out their trash for like, a month. Huge trash bag was result.

Kiosk: YeSh

Elite Sprayer: For a minute there I thought Kiosk was actually gone.

Trape Fighter: Come again?

Elite Sprayer: I've been here the entire time you know. But I haven't been saying anything.

Collider: OK that's cool.

Falcon34: Hello.

AcROCITy: Fighter.34, is that you?

Fighter.34: No... that's not me.

AcroCITY: Then... who is Falcon34?

Something Totally Random

Click here to see something-preciousmyprecious

Click here to see something else- Bamixyu

Click here to see nothing- Nothing.

Click here to see something else-Boop

Click Here to see a DIRBYH.


I like Drones.

*Gets hit by a Drone*

I interviewed Gunship... This is what happened.

Me: Alright. Hello Gunship.

Gunship: Hello. Why do you want me here?

Me: Just a friendly little talk.

Gunship: Ok... and?

Me: What else is there to say?

Gunship: ....nevermind. Let's get on with the show.

Me: Alright, what is your favorite polygon?

Gunship: Circle. Circles make bullets.

Me: I don't think a circle is a polygon, but ok. Also, I ship you and Vis Ultima.

Gunship: YOU WHAT...


Best Moment Ever?

I am X_X but lol Vis Ultima was right there XD

Prized Articles

Click on the links below to see my top three prize articles.

Unofficial Features : I created it.

Arras:Bosses (Woomy) : It was originally a stub, but I started to help it grow. Soon enough, others began to pitch in and help this page grow.

Fanon:Crockbaltett Disintegrhammar : Not by me. It was by Ocaveraryna, as a gift for me.

My Sentries

Klabamzier Sentry

It's a small Elite Skimmer, but there's a Machine Gun Auto Turret on top.

Acrocity Lite

It's Acrocity, but without the mounted Destroyer cannons. The remaining cannons also have a slower Reload.

Crockabaltett Disintegrhammar Lite

It's just a small Crockbaltett Disintegrhammar that has all of it's damage reduced by 40%. Plus, the nuke explosions don't release shrapnel.

Gallery of Me

Fanon-The Dragon -- Phase One

First Phase of the Dragon

Fanon-The Dragon -- Phase Two

Dragon Phase Two

Crockaballtett Disintegrhammar

What I picture the Crockabaltett Disintegrhammar (By Ocaveraryna and kind of me) as.

Acrocity Profile Picture

The Profile Picture of Acrocity.

Best Moment Ever?

The rare sighting of a Vis Ultima and a Gunship.


Me and Arena Closer as Necromancers in

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