Skye Sim

aka Hungscotchi Spawner

  • I live in Singapore
  • I was born on November 7
  • My occupation is Doing nothing
  • I am Human
My Profile pic Feb 23 Thu 2017

Hi people! My name is Skye and my favorite game is (duh).

I've probably been here longer than you, except, of course, if you've been here longer than me.

My Favorite Tanks:


The Tri-Angle branch

Auto 5


Destroyer branch



If you see me in, I hope we're on the same team. Because if not, I will end your life immediately!

My highscores are relatively very low compared the score of some people on this wiki: 100~150k

My friends here:

Da Big Admin

The Sammich Gal

Galaxy Buddy

Mr. Bananz

Aysha The Dog Of Noblilty

Teamerz Temz, The Hivemind's Second Chief

The Dude

Tidal, The Wave

Drama King


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