&*_ _ _TWRE is a place that is outside of the map. It's sort of complicated to go to.

Going to &*_ _ _TWRE

  1. In Survival mode, there has to be 2 tanks left. A Superposition and an Annihilator. The Annihilator has to shoot the top wall until it breaks and reveals a passage.
  2. Going through the passage brings you to a room where you have to fight Androgenus Nofriender. Upon defeat, it will drop a portal to the old Mothership Gamemode. There, there are 2 AI controlled Motherships. Now, the Superposition has to glitch through the wall. Doing so will teleport the other tank next to the Superposition.
  3. Now, you can see 2 places. Crackers Inc. or &*_ _ _TWRE.


&*_ _ _TWRE has a few interesting mechanics. When in &*_ _ _TWRE, colors are inverted. The only polygons that spawn there are Icosagons. There are AI controlled enemies there. %_ ^^&(, !2222, >>>>>>, and Arena Closers. They are considered bosses because they are AI controlled tanks. If you kill one of the glitch enemies, then the game technically ends because the Arena Closers come after you. Arena Closers also come after you if you attack them. EXP gain there is like in survival. &*_ _ _TWRE goes on virtually forever. An infinite map. But strange effects happen as you go further.

Note: A unit is a background square

  • 255 units from the start of &*_ _ _TWRE
    • %_ ^^&(, !2222,and >>>>>> start to appear
    • Icosagons start to spawn
  • 65,536 units from the start of &*_ _ _TWRE
    • Game starts to lag.
    • Superpositions' abilities start to heavily increase.
  • 4,294,967,295 units from the start of &*_ _ _TWRE
    • Game lags considerably.
    • Superpositions' abilities grow exponentially.
    • Arena Closers start to appear
    • Colors start to glitch. The games code starts to be uncovered.
  • 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 units away from the start of &*_ _ _TWRE
    • Icosagons stop spawning.
    • An invisible wall prevents you from going further. It is possible to go on further using the Superpositions abilities, which will also teleport the Annihilator along with it. Either that or the Annihilator can shoot at the wall.
  • 45,450,553,235,512,766,253,124,312,012 units away from the start of &*_ _ _TWRE
    • Icosagons have a rare chance to spawn.
  • 255,655,354,220,767,432,364,123,004,012,321,124,244,654,675 units away from the start of &*_ _ _TWRE
    • You teleport back to the Survival server that you started in. The Arena Closes afterwards.


  • &*_ _ _TWRE is a reference.
  • &*_ _ _TWRE is the area that is outside of Crackers Inc..
  • A Deprived can upgrade into a Mothership in &*_ _ _TWRE..
  • If you ram into the fifth Icosagon in &* _ _ _TWRE, Verbebta has a chance to spawn in a FFA server.
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