Androgenus Nofriender is a boss tank with an unknown amount of health. It was added on an unknown day and has an unknown amount of health.


Androgenus Nofriender features a yellow circular tank body with 3 spawners, equally spaced out, similar to that of the master tank.


Androgenus Nofriender

Androgenus Nofriender's spawners spawn Arena Closers. Its Exact HP value is unknown, but it is rumored to be between 3,000 and 500,000. Its Arena Closers take no damage, therefore, the Arena Closers can't be killed, but Androgenus Nofriender can be.


Androgenus Nofriender's spawners can spawn an arena closer each. There can be 12 Arena Closers in total. It spawns 3 every 10 seconds. As soon as they spawn, the immediately chase after the tank attacking Androgenus Nofriender, but it is possible to kill Androgenus Nofriender.


Note: The strategy is very limited, as you can only fight this boss as an Annihilator or a Superposition.
  • Strong Against: Every tank
  • Weak Against: Skilled players, High DPS tanks

Against Androgenus Nofriender

  • A good strategy against Androgenus Nofriender is to have the Superposition at a corner while the annihilator shoots at Androgenus Nofriender as much as it can.


  • Androgenus Nofriender has a nickname; King Closer.
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