Ball is a tier? 4 tank that was removed on January 13, 2017, but had been re-added (In my AU/EU) on March 12, 2017. It upgrades from Smasher and may further upgrade into Superposition.


The “Ball” was simply a circle with no Barrels, Spawners or any type of offensive weapons.


It has the same stats as a normal tank, similar to that of the old smasher stats: however, all bullet stats had no known effect, since the tank did not shoot any ammunition. It had the same HP as a Basic Tank, but it loses some of its movement speed, while gaining Body Damage. It has the strange ability to kill a Spike in 1 hit.


  • Strong Against: Smasher class tanks.
  • Weak Against: Bullet spammers, such as the Triplet, Sprayer, and Streamliner, in addition to the Overseer and Destroyer branches.

Against The Ball

  • The Overseer branch could easily swarm the Ball, as the Ball has no form of defense. Just ensure that it does not get too close.
  • Simple bullet classes excel at fighting against the Ball. The Ball cannot block the bullets, neither can it very effectively retreat, even with maxed Movement Speed stats.
  • Branches off Trapper can fight the Ball with ease when the two come into close proximity of each other.
  • Annihilators can be used to a great effect against the Ball, as it will wither its health down to almost nothing with just a single shot.
  • Rammer builds could destroy the Ball, as long as the Ball does not have body damage of its own. If it did, which was the only logical stat it has due to its lack of artillery, then it is heavily advised to stay away, as it could win against all Smasher class tanks
    • Strangely, though it could destroy a Spike with full health, it is rumored that a body-build Booster could destroy it.
  • Players should not let the Ball get close to themselves, as it will most likely have a Body Damage build.


  • Strangely, with a rammer build the Ball was able to kill a Spike and still had 30% life left, while it would die against a normal ram build tank.
  • Based on "Ball".
Thanks Trapping Overseer for renaming the tank without my permission.
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