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Binderstar is a Boss Tank in, it is considered the Boss Tank equivalent of a Necromancer.


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The Binderstar on its own is not much of a threat, its primary mode of attack is to release a wave of Traps, these traps however will infect a Player's Tank causing them to gradually lose health over time, in the case of FFA this means that player will die unless the Binderstar is destroyed, in Team Deathmatch this status can be removed by returning to the base and waiting for the Binderstar to be destroyed.

If a player is destroyed by the Binderstar however their Tank will be taken over by the Binderstar creating an undead puppet, the Binderstar can have up to 10 Tanks under its control and these tanks will orbit the Binderstar and attack other players. They have half the amount of health as their equivalent Player Tank and can easily be distinguished by a Black Glow and smoke emanating from their bullets. They still retain their colours however.

If more 10 Tanks are under the control of the Binderstar anymore players destroyed will be simply that, destroyed. In addition the Binderstar can be tricked into taking 10 Basic Tanks to make this fight easier.


  • All tanks controlled by the Binderstar will retain all their stats excluding Maximum Health
  • It would seem the most dangerous tanks the Binderstar can have under its control are Drone Tanks or Octo Tanks due to the numerous bullets they generate
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