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"I exploded in a blaze of glory a long time ago..."

Blazar is an AI controlled boss added on June 16, 2017. It is the boss version of the D-Pad, a Red-Orange plus sign shaped Crasher. Blazar is one of the few Boss Rammers left, and Blazar has been preserved well. Blazar has Four Auto Machine Gun Turrets, Four Spawners, and a Shell.

Blazar can only spawn in the Maze gamemode.


Blazar is a Red-Orange D-Pad with a Machine Gun Auto Turret on each of the ends of the D-Pad. In between each side is a spawner that spawns D-Pads. Under Blazar is a black plus sign shaped Shell/Hull.



Blazar has 3,000 health, which is the same as most bosses. Blazar, upon being defeated, will give 30,000 EXP to the player that defeated it, which is also the same as most bosses, and will automatically raise a tank to Level 45. Blazar has poor health regeneration, at 5 per second if left alone for a minute, but it tales 77% less damage from everything that hits it. Taking 77% less damage actually raises its HP to 5,310. Blazars speed is that of a Booster with a 7/7/0/0/0/0/7/7 build. Blazar has Auto Spin automatically on.

Auto Machine Gun Turrets

Blazars Auto Machine Gun Turrets have the stats of a maxed out bullet build Machine Gun. Each Auto Turret, like most Auto Turrets, has 360 degrees of rotation.


Blazars Spawners spawn D-Pad Drones. These drones look like D-Pads and have Three times the power of a normal Crasher. These drones have a 60% chance to turn the tank that it hit red and the enemy tank loses HP. Blazar can have 8 of these drones at maximum.


Blazar, while idle, automatically spins clockwise, while the shell spins counterclockwise two times as fast. When Blazar is threatened, Blazar will charge at the tank, it will spawn drones, and will fire all Auto Machine Gun Turrets at different targets, all being tanks. If there are less than 4 targets, multiple Auto Machine Turrets will aim at the same tank.


  • Guess how the name fits with this tank. You get 4,000 points if you do guess it.
  • If Aquamarine and Blazar spawn in the same server, then Blazar will constantly protect Aquamarine. If you figure out why, you get 3,000 points.
  • Blazar is actually adopted by Kelvin because of an incident.
  • Blazar loves video games