The Circulum is a boss tank, carrying an unknown amount of Barrels.


Just look at the photo! Its partially impossible to describe in words.


The boss has a ton of barrels. Kind of like Triangulum. It has a kind of low health, compared to the Queen. It is not (maybe) related to it however. It is amazing to see Cloud make this tank. I am the one who made this page and the concept.


  • Strong against: High DPS tanks, weak tanks, rammers
  • Weak against: Low DPS and spam tanks, Annihilators and others.


One time, before all this happened, a tank named Sedric and his brother, Rudy, got chased by a Smasher. That Smasher chased them to its teammate, the Hybrid. Sedric died to the Hybrid first, then so did Rudy. They rose from the dead, and the others heard about this, including Pyranas. They teamed up to kill every tank including the Developer, which was known to be unkillable.

After the event, Sedric, who is now Circulum, and his brother, that no one has heard recent news about, got adopted by the Ruler of Gons, because they're strong bullets. They now count as princes. And that concludes the biography of Circulum.


  • This is a collab between me and Cloud.
  • The tank is made in FTB.
  • There are future plans for its teammates so watch out for new bosses by Cloud.
  • This is the first collab made by us. We have plans to collab in the future
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