The Combinator is a polygon boss tank added on 10/11/2017. Combinator is not based off of a polygon, but rather a jigsaw puzzle, which is reflected off of the way you beat Combinator. Combinator requires a lot of teamwork to beat, which is ironic because it teams up with itself. Combinator doesn't feature any weapons, except for itself.

Combinator can spawn in any Gamemode excluding Maze.


Combinator features a zigzag puzzle piece shaped body, and that's it. There are 12 of them.


The Combinator features 3,000 HP for each unit, which is the normal amount for a polygon boss. Upon death/destruction, the Combinator gives 30,000 EXP to the player that killed a unit, which is also the normal amount of EXP for a boss. Each Combinator piece spawns in a random part of the map that is determined by a RNG counter. Each piece starts to move slowly, but then speeds up over time, resetting when it turns around, with the maximum speed of a maxed out Booster. Each Combinator piece has the body damage of a maxed out Smasher.

When a piece dies, it stays, and can be pushed around. When all pieces die, the only way to end the battle is to connect them. To connect them, all you have to do is to push two pieces together, and they connect. When they are all connected, they are officially defeated, and disappear.


  • Combinator used to be called Tesselator, and had 3 Ranger auto turrets. This would make phase 2 nearly impossible, so it was scrapped.
  • The first boss that is literally a puzzle.
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